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10/19/13 8:17 P

Col beans. Wasn't sure if there was an option or not. I can go back to doing my own meals that works out fine.

10/19/13 8:07 P

Your best bet would be to turn off the meal plans and enter your own using the foods you can tolerate.

SP has 15 million members around the world. Foods differ in ingredients from state to state and country to country---for safety, you will need to design your own meal plans.

Your SP Registered Dietitian

10/19/13 7:42 P


Quick question.

Is there a way to enter in allergies and intolerance's into the menu without substituting every single thing separately?

I have a severe allergy to tomatoes, pineapples and mushrooms, my husband has severe allergies to most melons and bananas. I also have intolerance to most dairy products. However when I try to set up a menu SP keeps adding those items to my list and it is extremely time consuming to go through and make out each item and change them.

I know there have to be others with food allergies and I am wondering if you could tell me how you work with the system or if there is a way to save those allergies so they stop showing up in my meal plan?

Thank you for your time.

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