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1/29/13 9:35 P

Thanks everyone! My father decided that he didn't want to go to the buffet (phew!) but I still ended up eating too much at dinner. We ordered shrimp salad (so much mayo) on kaiser rolls and I ate too many chips. But I did limit myself to one piece of cake even though I wanted seconds!

So yeah, it was one meal and not the end of the world. Thanks again for all the advice, I will def use it in the future!


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1/29/13 8:42 A

Hi Amy,

My suggestion is eat normally throughout the day. Cutting back on your calories to bank for tonight can leave you hungry. And one trigger for going off plan is when we allow ourselves to become physiologically too hungry so that when do eat, we lose sight of our goal.

But remember this is one night...make this night special with your Dad. Remember it's OK to enjoy an indulgence every now and then and without guilt. You don't have to blow the whole day/week for this one moment.

Coach Nancy

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1/29/13 6:31 A

A lot of all-you-can eat buffet places have large salad bars. I take advantage of all the expensive, out of season stuff and make a Mt. Everest of a salad. Fortunately for me, I don't care for salad dressing. But they usually have some sort of low-cal or low-fat option in dressings.

The small plate is a good idea, along with the "My Plate" divisions of food groups. Since I try to limit how many starchy carbs I put on that plate, I might take little bits of several different things, instead of one mound of say, mashed potatoes. I know my DH is willing to split an entree with me-- so I may end up with half a portion of chicken and half a portion of beef. If I can get a wide variety of things on that plate (even if they're in small quantities per item) I feel like I've truly experienced the "buffet" sort of thing.

And they usually have fresh fruit too. I again go for all the expensive stuff. Berries, melon. I can get a piece of cake or cookies or pie anytime I want, but at this time of year I am not going to spend premium dollars on out of season fruit. So I'd skip the desserts at the buffet, and go for the fruit.

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1/29/13 3:22 A

Two strategies to try - eat less before you go, so you have some calories in reserve, and get in some good exercise. Secondly, if you do over-indulge a bit try to scale it down by taking small portions of everything you fancy and or make it the healthiest options if you can. No good beating yourself up though - just get straight back on track afterwards. Good luck!

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1/29/13 3:09 A

My dads birthday was yesterday and we went to a buffet also! I was scared also but i made a big salad and ate that first and then instead of using one of those big plates they give you, i grabbed a small desert plate and used that for small portions of the bad stuff ( mac and cheese, mashed potatoes). so i got to have a couple bites of each and was satisfied. Even allowed myself one small dessert. You'll do fine!

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1/29/13 1:56 A

You can do it!! If you go for the buffet, a suggestion might be to try to replicate the "" example of what should be on a plate. Make 1/2 of your plate fruit and vegetables, 1/4 grains, and 1/4 meat. If you go back for seconds, make sure to keep it balanced a second time-- 1/2 fruits and vegetables and the rest grain/meat. You can do it....and remember, this is 1 meal. This isn't going to make or break your entire journey to health. emoticon

1/29/13 12:45 A

It's my father's birthday tomorrow and we're going to the all you can eat buffet that he loves to celebrate. I try to stay away from places like that because it is just BAD NEWS for me. lol. I am just worried I am going to misbehave even though I have every intention not to. Ugggh. Wish me luck. =(

- Amy

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