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7/13/13 5:00 A

emoticon emoticon ALL for your help. I will use up this box and never buy it again. The suggestions of other cereals is defiantly things I will try. I will look at the links too.

7/13/13 4:24 A

All Bran definitely doesn't do well in my blender or food processor, so I really appreciate the suggestion that these can be easily crushed in a baggie.

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7/13/13 1:24 A

I love All Bran Buds in yogurt and fruit. For most of the past 6 months, my work lunch consisted of yogurt, 1-2 cups of frozen berries (by lunch they were defrosted enough), a sliced banana if I had the low end of berries and some All Bran Buds. Best lunch ever...the protein from the yogurt combined with the fiber from the fruit and All Bran kept me from getting hungry until dinner. And the best part is that it tastes like dessert. :-)

To help with fiber I would also recommend Fiber One Honey Clusters for breakfast. Great way to start getting about half of the minimum fiber for the day.

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7/12/13 10:37 P

I just had a wee peek at your Nutrition Tracker and notice that you have lots of room to increase your fibre. I notice most days you have coke and/or similar, and often there is an "oopsie" -type food. Those often bring your calories up to an acceptable level, but also often the calories are a bit below 1200 per day. If you reduced the coke or replaced it with the Zero Carb (almost Zero Calorie) drinks and increased the fruit - say an orange and pear or berries - each day, you would quite likely find that your fibre problem diminishes quite a bit.


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7/12/13 10:28 P

I need a very high fibre diet, too (generally 42-50 grams daily, but with certain meds, even more) I don't use All-Bran, but I do use Baker's Bran, which is just the little flakey husky part. It is 44% Fibre. I add it to my Rolled Oats, and to any baking I do. I also eat lentils most days, and go for the fruit and veges with the higher fibre content. My Yoghurt is a good quality one with a variety of wholegrains added, so it is a good fibre source, too. My bread is a really good one - over 10% Fibre, high protein, lower carb and sodium, OR I use a Sandwich Thin, going for the highest fibre one I can get.

I make a lot of casseroles and soups, and they ALL have lentils added to them, and often Cannelloni or Red Kidney Beans, too. It extends the meat, but increases the fibre intake. Sometimes I add Oat Bran to them to thicken them a little, too. When I make meat patties, I roll them in Oat Bran before cooking, and when I cook pork steaks, skinless chicken breasts or drums, I coat them in Oat Bran as well. Every little helps! The Oat Bran helps to keep the meat moist, too!

I hope this gives you some ideas,

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7/12/13 9:06 P

Thanks for the question. I have some great ideas now.

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7/12/13 6:26 P

If you've got a box of All Bran that you don't like and just want to use up, then by all means crush it up and add it to your yogurt, or your baked goods, or use as a breading. I've never tried grinding it - just putting some in a baggie and crushing it has worked fine.

If you're looking for additional fibre and you don't like All Bran, then I'm absolutely with WADINGMOOSE that you should look for it in foods that you actually do like. I personally prefer adding oat bran and / or wheat germ instead of wheat bran, since I prefer the taste and texture. My Mom prefers the Bran Buds. It really is a matter of personal preference.

If you want to see foods high in fibre, then you can check out the following:

If you're concerned about soluble vs. insoluble fibre, then I like this one:

Hope this helps!

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7/12/13 5:45 P

I put the all-bran buds in my yogurt whole and it adds a nice bit of crunch with some fruit. You could try grinding it up and see how you like it as well.

If you're looking for suggestions on fibre, I know that asian pears and berries have good amounts - I know those specifically because they're in my tracker a lot and I've looked at the numbers.

there are other cereals that offer a good amount of fibre with better taste - Fibre 1, Nature's path, etc.

I hate trying to choke something I don't like down in the name of good health so I hope the other suggestions help.

7/12/13 4:16 P

I don't like All Bran cereal but would it be ok to grind it up and use it in the same way you would use flaxseed? i.e. grinding it up and putting it in recipes, yoghurt etc.? I need more fiber so this is why I am asking.

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