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7/27/13 12:35 A

Unless they start killing people while driving under the influence of sugar... I doubt it.

KNUCKLES145 Posts: 16,054
7/26/13 10:22 P

maybe sugar addicts should go to rehab.

DRAGONCHILDE SparkPoints: (61,264)
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7/26/13 10:17 P

"oh come on. "clinging" to an occasional drink is no different than "clinging" to an occasional cookie. Are you going to say that having an occasional cookie because you know it will slow down your weight loss make you a cookie/sugar addict? (and yes I do believe in sugar addiction)"

When someone ends up in rehab over cookies, then that will be a valid comparison. Alcohol isn't like cookies, or carbs, or gluten, or whatever else the other things that can sabotage your weight loss are. It's an addictive substance that destroys life on a regular basis. It is different.

Am I saying the OP is an alcoholic? Hardly. Only she/he can make that call, but I have seen too many lives destroyed by "occasional" drinkers. I'm not going to gloss over that possibility.

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7/26/13 7:05 P

Alcohol causes fluid retention. That's typically why your weight slows down or you may even gain weight for a couple days.

This article is an interesting read:

Everyone seems to have a different definition of "drinking in moderation" or the "occasional drink". Personally, I have a glass of wine on holidays (but not always) and bi-weekly in the summer I'll sip on a glass of Girl's Night Out at my inlaws' poolside. When we go camping I drink 1-3 glasses in a day while our kids stay with their grandparents. I guess that makes me an occasional drinker. I definitely notice a slight gain if I consume more than a glass (so aside from camping I keep it to one 5oz glass) but it does disappear within 24-48 hours and my weight loss stays on track for the week (meaning that weight and then some comes off). I don't make it a regular habit... just something about the summer makes me want to sip at something alcoholic once in awhile. I'm more of a coffee/tea drinker. I make a skinny latte or sip my tea outside when chillin' in the backyard while my hubby and his friends have a beer.

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KNUCKLES145 Posts: 16,054
7/26/13 7:00 P

oh come on. "clinging" to an occasional drink is no different than "clinging" to an occasional cookie. Are you going to say that having an occasional cookie because you know it will slow down your weight loss make you a cookie/sugar addict? (and yes I do believe in sugar addiction)

The other thing that could be slowing things down is sodium. I like my martinis "dirty" and it really shows the next day or two. for example last Friday night I went out for dinner with friends, behaved myself food wise, but had a dirty martini (and man was it good). I was up two pounds at my weigh in on Saturday morning.

DRAGONCHILDE SparkPoints: (61,264)
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7/26/13 6:37 P

My question for you is this. Knowing how alcohol affects your body and your weight loss process, what it is about it that you don't want to give up? How often is "occasional" for you, and how much are you drinking that it's affecting you for days after?

One of the red flags for an alcoholic is an unwillingness to give up the drinks in spite of the negative consequences.

Any time I see someone clinging to their "occasional" alcoholic beverage, I wonder what it is that's so compelling about that damnable drink that makes people wrap their whole lives around it.

MEGAPEEJ Posts: 732
7/26/13 5:44 P

Basically alcohol "jumps the line", and your body starts processing the alcohol before it can process anything else - body fat, food you're eating, etc. Plus I don't know if you've looked at the calories for alcohol (not sugary stuff, just the pure alcohol) - they are HIGH. 3 oz of gin and you're using 220 calories that are completely devoid of nutrition. Beer at least has carbs and protein, though that alcohol will still take precedence over anything else your body is working on.

You've seen that when you drink a martini, your weight loss is stalled for a few days - which can be a pretty good motivator to make those martinis even more occasional than they already are.

RUSSELL_40 Posts: 16,826
7/26/13 3:57 P

Even if someone explains WHY this happens, it won't change the truth. When you have martinis you don't lose weight. So the statements that you still want to drink the martinis, and also want to lose weight, are impossible to do at the same time, unless you want to cut something else.

However I doubt cutting food to drink alcohol will help you get healthier.

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7/26/13 3:44 P

I do know that our body metabolizes alcohol differently, though I don't remember the details. Might be that it just takes longer to metabolize, which would account for what you've noticed.

I drink an occasional glass of dry white wine. While it might impact my weight for 1-2 days, it levels out shortly thereafter. I don't know about other hard liquors because I don't drink them.

I would think an occasional martini would not be a big deal. If you're doing it every day as a routine, even accounting for it in your tracking, it could be a problem with overall weight loss.

WADINGMOOSE Posts: 1,048
7/26/13 2:44 P

I JUST read something about this this morning, unfortunately, the short blurb on alcohol has no sources so it's just numbers, but it IS something to think about.

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7/26/13 2:25 P

emoticon I am perplexed about alcohol: There is a definitely a problem somewhere with my weekly scale weights if I drink alcohol within that same week!!!! My husband & I like an occasional martini, and I don't want to abandon that practice, but I don't want to slow down my weight loss either.
I understand never to drink a mixed sugary drink: but the pure alcohol baffles me, along with the dry white wine? Since keeping track of all foods consumed, I created a food category also for the alcohol. I have watched the scale & two days after drinking I'm still not on track. This does not happen with drinking an occasional beer. I avoid beer, because of the high carb counts. Is this some sort of a body metabolizing problem? It is the natural sugar in the production of the alcohol that is the culprit? I'm not sure I'm even counting the calories correctly?. Using good websites for the calorie counts, but it still seems to slow down my weight loss? If I'm not exceeding my daily calorie count? why is this happening???

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