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10/4/12 11:58 A

1 or 2 glasses of wine a week, or a couple of light beers... I don't imbibe as much since having my gallbladder out and being told I'm borderline fatty liver. I can't break down those alcohol sugars very well.
I use to love cherry vodka with diet sprite every so often.

MARG17 Posts: 285
10/4/12 11:55 A

Yes in moderation and count the calories

10/4/12 11:35 A

I have the occasional glass of good red wine or really good beer..I love the dark stuff, Guinness and Imperial Stouts.Sometimes I will water down my wine with seltzer water too, def. not the same though.

For me even just 1 drink affects my mood and energy when I have to get up at 5 or 6 am with my LO. So I tend to stay away or have one with a meal.

IVFNURSE1 Posts: 138
10/4/12 9:47 A

I have a glass of wine with dinner 3-4 times per week.

SHORTYPIE89 SparkPoints: (0)
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10/4/12 9:25 A

I tend to go for a slimeline gin & tonic - only around 50-60 calories.

I'm trying to only drink alcohol on the weekend as a general rule.

My biggest temptation is cocktails! I have a wristband for London cocktail week next week, and am planning on enjoying a few :)

PRIM8PHD SparkPoints: (13,467)
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10/4/12 4:21 A

I'm pretty into craft beer, living in a town with a very high concentration of microbreweries and homebrewers, which is why I have the uncontrollable urge to choke anyone who suggests I drink light beer instead when I say I'm trying to cut calories (seriously?! have those people tasted real beer? because real beer doesn't taste like watered down yellow pilsner, and that's gross). I've had to learn that having one good beer is possible, and 2 is acceptable, but if you're drinking for flavor 3 is wholly unnecessary. I wish they did half-pints like they do in Britain, but some of the better beer snob establishments around here will do flights, which are small pours of several different beers--more expensive, but a good way to get some variety in.

There are a few things that are surprisingly low in calories--guinness, for example, which has the added benefit of being quite filling, clocks in at only about 125 calories per 12 oz. bottle. There is huge variation in calorie content in beer, and generally speaking, the higher the alcohol by volume (ABV), the more calories it has. So, if you're drinking to get tipsy, it's smart to skip beer in favor of wine or spirits with low- or no-cal mixers, but there is truly no substitute for good beer.

Here's a really useful guide listing lots of brands and styles:

10/3/12 9:32 P

I do drink wine and beer. But I will say I have cut way back since starting to lose. I have a 4oz glass of wine (or 2) probably 3-4 days a week. I just count it in my calorie intake. When I exercise I tell myself when I reach 100 calories burned that is one glass of wine. I also am a faster drinker so I take my time now and drink real slow.

BUBBLEJ1 Posts: 2,981
10/3/12 8:07 P

I don't drink very much. If I do it is 1 glass of wine, which is just over 100 calories. I can live with that, and make that fit into my calorie range

VKLINE326 Posts: 961
10/3/12 5:06 P

I love the suggestions. One of the great things about Sparkpeople is picking other's brains on the message boards. I love the suggestion from AAPPLE about not doing dessert and drinks. I went out last night and had two Mich Ultras. Under 200 cals and so worth it! Thanks guys!

ADOUGLASMHOR SparkPoints: (49,941)
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10/3/12 4:47 A

Not every day but a real ale, a glass of wine, a gimlet, a rolling rock beer or a pilsner are frequently counted amongst my calories, or like last night I used a good dash of wine to saute my vegetable stir fry so I used less oil (left over wine gets frozen in an ice cube tray an bagged up and kept in the freezer for cooking, removes that just finnish the bottle temptation).

MMEEAAGGX3 SparkPoints: (1,281)
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10/3/12 1:22 A

I don't drink cause I'm in AA, but I think it's fine to have ANYTHING in moderation. :) As long as you can make sure it's moderated!

YOJULEZ SparkPoints: (15,981)
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10/3/12 12:07 A

Generally I don't like to drink my calories (I'd rather eat them!) but usually I can fit in a glass (5 oz pour) or two of red wine, especially on weekends when I tend to allow myself more calories anyway. Sometimes if I've had a stressful day during the week I'll mix a diet cherry 7-up with 1 oz of vodka. 1 oz of vodka is 70 calories. At a bar I'll order club soda with regular vodka and a lime, or cherry vodka if I have the calorie room... the flavored vodkas have more calories. It's harder to keep track at the bar though cause they don't always pour just 1oz, especially at the bar BF and I are regulars at.

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AAPPLE Posts: 21
10/2/12 9:39 P

1-2 glasses of wine can fit into day's calorie limit. You just have to cut back calories elsewhere. Don't do both dessert and wine. I do find that alcohol gives me a bit of bloat which reflects badly on the scale so I limit alcohol to couple of days per week.

KAPELAKIN Posts: 1,984
10/2/12 7:58 P

I usually have a couple glasses of red wine during the week, and a few beers on the weekend, and am getting very close to my goal weight. I am a homebrewer, so I make sure I have room for sampling a few beers each week in my calorie budget, and I usually have them on my "free day" where I don't count calories. I find that it works best to have the glass of wine as a "night cap" an hour or two after dinner. I know at that point I won't be eating anything else for the day, and it's my treat before bedtime. Drinking earlier in the day can lead to eating too much or making poor food choices since inhibitions are lowered once you have a mild buzz.

JENNILACEY SparkPoints: (81,623)
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10/2/12 7:01 P

Any type of wine really. 100/cal per glass and the alcohol percentage is higher than beer or coolers so you don't have to drink as much of it. I maybe have a glass of wine or two once a month.

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10/2/12 6:57 P

I've found that I can drink 12 oz of Red Wine per day as long as I don't go over my limits (`1800) and still drop a couple pounds a week. It's a big difference though so I wouldn't recommend doing it if you want to drop weight quickly.

VKLINE326 Posts: 961
10/2/12 6:49 P

How many drinks do you drink per week? Anyone out there drink moderately and keep within their ranges? What's your favorite low cal drink?

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