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2/15/13 6:03 P

It won't matter too much whether you track Lufthansa's beef stroganoff or someone else's beef stroganoff.

Your weigh-in this week is going to be a reflection of an entire week of pattern, not just a couple of meals on the 1-2 days you were travelling.

So look up equivalent entries as near as you can find if Lufthansa don't publish their own nutritional info, and just enter that for now. It's better than entering nothing, and you will still be able to look back and read "beef stroganoff" later when you review your tracker.

Don't get too caught up in thinking you have to be "exactly right" with the numbers. :)

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2/15/13 3:43 P

I flew Lufthansa
First flight (short) I had some musli with yogurt
Second flight (transatlantic) I had several meals. First was called Beef Stroganoff (pieces of meat in sauce, some rice and peas/carrots in the heated part, came with a little bread, salad and a brownie/chocolate cake thing) and the second was Spinach and Cheese Ravioli (ravioli with spinach and cheese on top, came with a roll and a dark chocolate moose/pudding thing)
also had two or those little cups of coke (maybe 3... I can't remember if I had one on the first flight or not -_-; )

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2/15/13 12:31 P

What did you have?

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2/15/13 12:08 P

The last few times I've travelled, the "meals" have been assortments of packaged snacks, easy enough to look up. Or sometimes I eat at a restaurant that isn't a chain, and I just have to go with the nearest thing I can find in the tracker. I try not to eat that way too often, but sometimes the best you can do is the best you can do.

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2/15/13 11:59 A

What airline? Some of them put their nutrition information on the web.

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2/15/13 11:38 A

I basically spent all of yesterday in the air and had several meals (I can give details if needed)
Was hoping someone knows where I could find what they cost me, calorie-wise. I originally planned to just ignore yesterday's day and a half but if there is a good way to retroactively record the damage, I'd appreciate it.
Thanks ^_^

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