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2/19/11 4:28 P

Try looking into the shoes you wear, ask for help from a running shop.. If this doesn't help, perhaps get checked out by your doctor why your having problems.. Also ease into exercise and add more as you feel up to it- doing too much too soon can also annoy shins..
Good luck I hope if the above can't help you get joy out of that airclimber..

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2/19/11 4:22 P

When I increased the speed and started jogging it happened. And the impact of the hard road surface, or even a treadmill bothers me.

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2/19/11 4:20 P

Shin splints while walking? This would point to the foot wear you have on your feet.. Walking is low impact- what's to say you don't get problems using this machine..
My back and joints are never happy campers on treadmills, stepper or anything if my foot wear is worn out..
I change shoes 200-300 miles.. I walk alot but many people look at the extern of their shoes and just keep on using them beyond worn out support wise..
I also don't poo poo the good advantages of getting fresh air- it helps keep our immunesystem tough and contact with sunshine is vital for vitamins like D..
But I understand the attractive side of owning one they are easy to jump on..
If I lived in a dangerous area sure, but I don't so even my manual stepper will never replace the real open spaces outside my door..
I would sit down and weigh up the pro's and con's- many times I talk myself out of such decisions.. Each to their own- do what makes you happy!

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2/19/11 3:53 P

My mom got me a airclimber for christmas and I just started using it this week. I like it, because it is low impact and when I was walking outside and jogging in the past I got shin splints. I am just worried that I am not getting the same benefits as walking. I feel a workout in my calves, but thats about it. My heart beat does go up after doing it for awhile. It is convenient for me since I can do it in my room as I watch TV or listen to music. I am also worried that I won't see any results by only using this one piece of equipment, but there is not much else I can do because I am so busy with college classes.

Anyone have success with the airclimber or a stepper?

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