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Agitated when workouts skipped

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1/29/13 7:57 A


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1/29/13 7:17 A

Yeah! I used to go dancing every Saturday night for 2-3 hours. (People say oh, that's not a workout, that's a nightclub, but I was one of *those* dancers for whom it is a massive workout.)

If I missed a night, I'd notice that by Monday I was cranky as all-get-out towards anyone who would listen, and then I'd realise oh, this is because I missed my endorphin appointment on the weekend. So I totally believe you.

The best way to fix it is to work out, no matter how short. Also when you realise that you're crabby because you miss the release, it's much easier to deal with it because you know that even if you can't fix it right now, you will be able to fix it soon and it's not just some unknown bad energy following you around. :)

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1/28/13 9:13 P

I feel the same way. If I know I'll be pressed for time (or if I know I'll want to be lazy that day), I squeeze in at least 10 minutes of something everyday. It makes me feel better finding 10 minutes to do something rather than feel bummed about missing an entire workout.

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1/28/13 8:54 P

yes, i feel stiff, and out of sorts emoticon

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1/28/13 7:03 P


Science does show that when we workout our bodies experience an increase in the feel good endorphins which helps lift our moods, calm us down, even sleep better. However, as running guru and coach Greg McMillan told us in a seminar I attended, your training schedule should always allow for some wiggle room when life gets in the way. Just remember no run is ever wasted and every run you can work into your busy life is benefiting your body.

Coach Nancy

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1/28/13 6:51 P

I have recently noticed that I am become very agitated and frustrated if I can't fit in a workout or have to skip one due to work, school, family, friends etc. I usually aim to work out 3-4 times a week, logging long runs, roughly 50-65 minutes in length.
This past week I was only able to run twice and found that after 2-3 days of not exercising I became extremely agitated, short tempered and very anger. I was stuck at a family's house and unable to fit in any exercise besides a bit of very light walking. By the 3rd day I found myself pacing around agitated and wanting to climb the walls.

Has anyone else ever felt like this? How do you deal with missing workouts and dealing with the frustration of feeling like you are falling behind? Should I be concerned about my reaction to not getting my regular workouts in?

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