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7/21/12 9:44 P


You may want to check out Xylitol (the kind made from birch, not corn). emoticon

7/21/12 9:13 P

Interesting article. I was about to switch because of my diabetes to help keep my glucose levels in check but now I see that it may not help with my weight loss.

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7/12/12 11:17 A

Personally I won't touch it. I use cocunut nectar or stevia (in the green leaf form not the white powder-- I sprout my own)

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7/9/12 11:09 P

Agave nectar is derived from a plant so it still is fructose-a natural sugar-in syrup form. The problem with high fructose corn syrup is for commercial use, it is extremely concentrated for sweetness and not the clear Karo corn syrup sold in stores , which is far less concentrated for home use. So if its a sweetener from a plant-chances are its still a form of sugar. As with any sugar, your body doesn't know the differance. Its really about moderation.

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6/20/12 6:56 P

I just started using Agave Nectar to sweeten my tea. I like it

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6/12/12 1:07 A

SP just posted this natural sweeteners article:

It was interesting to note that agave nectar is listed as a low GI (glycemic index) food because it is low in GLUCOSE--but it is high in FRUCTOSE. That explains the carb coma phenomenon for me!

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6/11/12 8:03 P

Thank you! This link is great! I will be referring to it for awhile. Thanks again!

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6/11/12 6:50 P

Here's a substitution guide:

I have to use agave nectar sparingly, as it does cause me to go into a "carb coma" if I overdo it.

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6/7/12 11:09 A

OK, I know corn syrup is not good but it is in darn near everything, even breads. But, I cut it out of the grocery list. How about Agave nectar? I have started using it in place of half the sugars for baking (stevia never gave me consistent flavor or texture emoticon ) and it seems to work well. It IS sweet but works in sweeet tea. So, is it going to be bad for me? Will it eventually blow my blood sugars out of whack? Is it safe?? I have Type I Diabetes.

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