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10/22/12 5:03 P

This happens to me if I sit around in my sweaty workout gear, even if I've put heavier sweats on over my t shirt and tights. I just exercise and go straight to the hot shower, then dry my hair straight away. I typically work out before my breakfast, so I eat immediately after all that. Works for me!

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10/22/12 11:25 A

The more I have thought about this, the more I may have another reason this doesn't happen to me. I wear a gel cooling collar and have ceiling fans on me during my exercises. So I am doing all I can to keep my core cool as I workout. So there is not any real temp change once I stop. I have found that wearing that collar really helps keep me comfortable and cooled down during my workouts.

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10/22/12 8:11 A

Could be your body temp adjusting after the workout... I know i get a chill for abit after my workkout as well. I throw on a sweater til i get home and hot shower or of course hottub( jealous wish i had one lol).

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10/22/12 7:08 A

One thought is that during your walk, your body has adapted to get rid of excess heat by sending blood to the limbs and closer to the skin (where it can escape more easily), and possibly sweating as well. When you get back home, your body is stil trying to get rid of excess heat, despite the fact it is no longer generating any. Blood can continue to flow to the limbs to help the recover process.

My suggestion would be to get out of your (damp?) workout clothes, fairly soon after returning home, and also to put on a sweater until your body returns to normal.


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10/22/12 12:36 A

That's happened to me before! I used to think it was from sweating, but if it happens after showers too, it must not be! I wonder if it's cause our body temperatures change so drastically while working out, that when we cool down, we REALLY cool down! emoticon

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10/21/12 9:59 P

Never happens to me. Another benefit to running on the treadmill. LOL Maybe living in San Diego also helps. ;-)

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10/21/12 9:17 P

I do that too this time of year. a hot bath or hot cup of low sugar cocoa sure does help.

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10/21/12 11:38 A

Yeah, it happens to me also. Usually a warm shower helps.

ORODEO73 Posts: 527
10/21/12 10:24 A

I take a warm shower then keep my feet overed.

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10/21/12 10:23 A

The same thing happens to me when it is 45 degrees or below, after a 3-6 mile walk even when the heat at home is around 70 degrees. I offset it though by doing the following. It is less likely to happen if I jog (get warmer), wear more layers of clothing while walking/jogging, (not heavy clothing, but more, light, layers), and get into the shower right afterwards. I also love to have a cup of hot tea or chocolate in fall, winter, and spring. (Not necessary in summer months).

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10/21/12 10:19 A

Question -- after coming back from a 4.2 mile walk each Sunday, I stretch, eat some protein - normally an apple with some peanut butter, drink a glass of skim milk and 1/2 of a protein bar (eat the other half before walking). After I've been home and finished eating, as I relax on the couch to watch the Sunday am news shows, I start to freeze... ice cold hand, and shiver almost uncontollably. I usually end up in my hot tub, (not too bad a way to warm up).. but really? Why does this happen and how do I avoid it/stop it from happening?

help? emoticon

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