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7/15/13 1:05 P

I make a big glass of tea and sometimes have a square of dark mint chocolate. I find the tea helps fill me up and the mint in the chocolate reduces hunger pangs. (I eat an early supper most nights so by 8pm I want something sweet AND I'm hungry!)

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7/15/13 12:06 P

I have also done frozen strawberries, skim milk and a little bit of vanilla extract. Blend until smooth...almost like a strawberry milkshake! Might need a little squirt of honey if the berries aren't super ripe.

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7/15/13 12:04 P

Sometimes when I feel like this I will make a couple pieces of wheat toast with jam (and a smear of cream cheese or butter if I have the extra calories to spare)

Or in the winter a cup of hot chocolate made with 1% milk. :)

Or maybe try a sugar free pudding or jello cup?

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7/15/13 10:58 A

The only desserts I'll have around are fudgesicles. They're 40 calories a pop and a great substitute for a cup of chocolate ice cream.

MRSAND Posts: 1,603
7/15/13 10:58 A

I make red, white and blue ice milk...just pour skim milk over frozen blueberries and strawberries in a tall glass...let it sit for 5 minutes then stir it up...add a little stevia if you want it sweeter...
100 grams blueberries, 100 grams strawberries, 6 oz skim milk...148 nutritious calories and is a huge glassful...

TORIAMAE Posts: 1,080
7/15/13 10:51 A

I don't bring desserts in the house either.

However, I do have some kind of dessert every day. I just make it as a single portion. Then I eat it and enjoy it and am done.

I've found it helpful for staying on track.

WADINGMOOSE Posts: 1,048
7/15/13 10:43 A

Like others, I don't keep that stuff in the house anymore and I'm trying to be stronger than my cravings. If I'm watching TV and craving something sweet, I'll go upstairs and read, tidy up, do laundry, anything to get my mind off of the craving.

Basically I don't have to give in to the craving. It's taken me awhile to get to this point, but it truly is more important to me to reach a healthy weight than it is to have dessert so anything that gives me time to think about and reinforce that for myself is usually successful. I used to tell myself that I had no choice, I HAD to eat it. But that was wrong. I do have a choice and I feel much better when I don't give in to my inner child.

MIRV22 Posts: 643
7/15/13 9:14 A

I used to be the exact same way, now we just don't have that stuff in the house anymore. After a while, I stopped craving it once it was no longer an option.

7/15/13 9:10 A

I am the exact same way! I have found that I am craving something sweet and cold, usually. Sometimes I brush my teeth and drink a big glass of ice water. Sometimes I eat an apple or some frozen grapes and blueberries. I also sometimes eat 100 calorie italian ice. But my favorite is banana ice cream. Puree one frozen banana with a tiny splash of milk. It's sweet, thick, and creamy.

SIMONEKP Posts: 2,700
7/15/13 8:20 A

When I'm feeling for something cold and sweet I eat frozen vanilla greek yogurt. There are many substitutes that can fulfill the sweet tooth cravings.

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7/15/13 7:24 A

First of all, welcome! Secondly, who is buying and bringing the dessert into the house? If it is you, stop buying it and you won't have it in front of you to be tempted with. If it is another family member, tell them about your goals and that you can't be faced with the tempting foods at this point.

There are tons of recipes on here for fruit and yogurt based desserts that you could make to satisfy your sweet tooth. Another trick that I've seen others post is putting the dessert in the freezer and taking out one piece. You have to wait for it to thaw, so that will help cut down eating more of it.

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7/15/13 7:23 A

Welcome to the site! You might consider joining our 4-week "Tame Your Sweet Tooth Challenge". Here's a link which also has a number of articles you might find helpful:

Good luck!

Coach Jen

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7/15/13 6:57 A

Hi, I am new here. I need to lose some weight. I exercise almost everyday and eat really well during the day. My big problem is I always crave dessert after dinner. Sometimes I even find myself eating 2 desserts or the equivalent, like a huge bowl of ice cream or 2 pieces of cake. This is my big road block. I would appreciate any input. Thanks

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