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BARBWMS Posts: 1,396
4/1/13 12:12 P

That's my danger time too.... late afternoon I usually hit a slump.... lately it's been better because I've made sure my lunch is balanced, has some protein (I'd been eating just a salad. Now I have a little tuna/chicken/whatever with the salad.) I make sure to drink tons of water, and often take a quick ten or fifteen minute walk when I get home rather than putting myself in the way of danger! And if all else fails, I have one of my rare diet sodas then.... or a cup of tea or coffee. I also occasionally plan a healthy snack... fruit, a small batch of nuts, a small piece of low fat cheese..... or a treat like a phone call to a friend, a quiet twenty minutes with a book or magazine....

Good luck!

SLIMMERKIWI SparkPoints: (244,426)
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3/30/13 7:53 P


WHAT and HOW MUCH do you eat during the day? Often people don't eat the appropriate type of food for breakfast, or virtually skip it. This can and does set us up for an afternoon/evening of horrors where it comes to food.

Ensure that you are eating 1-2 serves of fruit/veges with each meal

Ensure that you are EATING each meal

Ensure that you are getting good protein (not processed meats) with each meal

Ensure that you are eating healthy fats, also (one of the benefits is it helps with satiety)

Ensure that you are eating enough fibre - fruits/veges/whole-grains/pulses

Ensure that you are eating enough calories full-stop! A lot of people think that less is better!! BIG mistake. A lot of people don't allow for exercise - another big mistake.

Ensure that if you are doing all the right things, that you allow for some healthy snacks through the day.

Ensure that you are using your Nutrition Tracker and weighing all your food for increased accuracy. THEN you will be more easily able to identify what is happening to cause this.

If you are using your tracker, would you consider making it public so that we can help you more specifically?

I hope that this is food for thought, for you!

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REJ7777 Posts: 4,027
3/30/13 4:00 P

I have to be careful when I get home from work too. I'm usually tired and stressed out. I'm vulnerable and tend to eat what's easily available. If I have cut up celery sticks in the frig, I'll munch on those. It's important for me to plan ahead so that I don't regret my after-work choices.

ERICABETH130 SparkPoints: (2,808)
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3/30/13 3:22 P

Thanks babysteps. My problem was that I was sitting in front of the tv with a bag of chips... Now I have no chips in the house and I don't eat in front of the tv. ;)

BRAVENEWME2018 Posts: 1,855
3/30/13 12:14 P

I have the same problem, and appreciate the suggestions people have left here. One thing I am trying to do is to only eat when I'm sitting down (thanks to one of the ideas from Beck's Diet Solution). Somehow, if I have to sit down at the table to eat my snack, I'm more mindful about what I choose, the quantity, and the quality. No more munching a handful of peanuts while walking around, or dipping into the chocolate bowl in the break room. I sit and eat. It has helped. Good luck!

ERICABETH130 SparkPoints: (2,808)
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3/28/13 10:30 P

Thanks all! You guys rock!

SUNSHINE6442 Posts: 2,219
3/28/13 10:55 A

Have an apple on the way home will quell your hunger, or 20 almonds. Raw veggies in small quantites may do the trick too....Take a baggie or container with you to work...carrots & bell peppers strips can kill cravings for sweet foods. Grape tomatoes are a good, Celery sticks, raw califlower, cucumber slices,...whatever you like..... even a handful of blueberries.

Don't forget to grab the bag as you leave work.....

LOVEMOUSE82 SparkPoints: (3,788)
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3/27/13 7:25 P

This may or may not work depending on your schedule but, depending on when and what I have for lunch, there are days that I get home from work and I am very legitimately hungry...instead of trying to figure out how to tide myself over with the right snacks, sometimes ill just go ahead and eat dinner early. Then if I want a snack later before bed, it is easier for some reason than snacking during that difficult period after work but before dinner.

TRIATHLETEGIRL SparkPoints: (55,863)
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3/27/13 12:04 P

Having fun projects helps, too. I like to paint, craft, garden, and reorganize. If I have a project I'm in the middle of, I can plunge back into it and forget all about snacks until dinner time. I try to fill up my weekends with things because the lack of structure makes me want to eat more.

ERICABETH130 SparkPoints: (2,808)
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3/27/13 9:49 A

It worked!! Last night I just ate my dinner and cleaned out my food supply. I did have two tootsie rolls... emoticon But overall quite a success. Thanks all!

ERICABETH130 SparkPoints: (2,808)
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3/26/13 12:45 P

All great tips!! Thanks so much!

REGINA_PHALANGE SparkPoints: (17,659)
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3/26/13 6:40 A

What works for me is to have a snack 30 minutes before I leave work. An apple or banana and a few almonds helps me fill up, and by the time I get home, I'm ready for dinner and don't go crazy afterward.

REDMOUNTAIN SparkPoints: (7,926)
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3/26/13 12:09 A

When I come home, if I have something handy that is healthy and easy to reach for, I can stay on my food plan.

ERICABETH130 SparkPoints: (2,808)
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3/25/13 11:48 P

Great point Becky! It's day two for me and I feel pantry clean out coming on!!

BECKYBECKY1954 Posts: 66
3/25/13 10:34 P

So, we need to make a plan regarding what to eat when you get home, every day;

What are the healthy foods and snacks that you enjoy eating when you get home? Do you have a lot of them in the house and easy to reach? Have you purged your house of bad temptations, junk food, etc.

If you get home and your refrigerator and pantry are filled with apples, strawberries, carrots, grilled chicken cubes, pineapple chunks, etc. then you can eat a big ol' snack and feel great. If your pantry is filled with chips, dips, cookies, crackers, etc, then that's what you'll go for.

Are your refrigerator and pantry "dressed for success" or "all dolled up like a tart" (pun inteneded)

ERICABETH130 SparkPoints: (2,808)
Fitness Minutes: (1,112)
Posts: 83
3/25/13 10:00 P

I can get through the day checking every box... then, when I get home, I just want to eat and eat!!

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