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2/28/14 3:48 P

You won't munch this, but I found this suggestion on a LapBand forum. The poster wanted something sweet without derailing.

Someone suggested she take one tablespoon of creamy peanut butter and one tablespoon of Cool Whip (I use Light). Mix together and it becomes like peanut butter mousse. SO yummy.

LADYFISH Posts: 261
2/28/14 3:40 P

I generally have hot tea at night. Helps curb the munchies. If I'm still wanting something, I will go for yogurt, which I consider dessert. I'm not eating any real desserts right now, so the yogurt works for me. I've stayed away from the popcorn, etc because I'm trying to curb my after dinner eating so I don't want something that I can munch on for too long!

2/28/14 10:10 A

I go for decaf coffee and tea. The warmth feels good in my stomach and it usually does the trick. If I'm at my limit for the day and am still craving something sweet, I give myself my version of a dental spa treatment, whitening strips, a good long brush, a good flossing, tongue scraping, and some mouthwash leaves me feeling so clean and fresh I don't want to spoil it.

Sometimes I have more "dental spa" nights than I'd like to admit, but it keeps me off the junk and makes my dental hygienist proud of me. lol

SCIFIFAN Posts: 1,119
2/27/14 10:26 P

I eat smaller breakfasts and lunches and save at least half or more of my calories for dinner and late-night snacks. Since I am a nightowl, I prefer a couple of treats before bed.

I usually have two snacks. These are my most common choices: popcorn, micro-baked apple with a little sugar or splenda, one piece of good dark chocolate, Wasa bar with 1 TB almond or peanut butter, Healthy Choice frozen yogurt in single serving size with 1 tsp. of raspberry jam on top, Laughing Cow cheese wedge either on bread or a wasa bar, Flat-out bread with Smart Blance or, if I have any, one or two choc. chip cookies (homemade).

I try to eat slowly and really savor the treat. Of course, sometimes I don't have the calories left for both so then I just have one. I try to eat right at 1500 calories.

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2/27/14 9:39 P

Sometimes I have one small square of really high-quality dark chocolate. I make sure I don't eat it quickly or in a state of distraction; I concentrate on how good it is. I don't always successfully fight the battle to have more, but if I need to stop it can be helpful to go brush my teeth. Sweets don't sound as good after that.

ICEDEMETER Posts: 1,332
2/27/14 9:33 P

I build planned after-dinner snacks in to my calories every day. The evening has always been when I'm most hungry, so I plan for it. Besides, the Man and I really enjoy munching in the evenings!

My current evenings go something like:

6:00 or so: dinner (generally around 300-400 calories)
8:30 or so: yoghurt (either a frozen greek yoghurt bar, or a 1/2 cup of plain yoghurt doctored up with berries or nuts) (70-150 calories)
9:30 or so: popcorn (the Man and I share a bowl of 80g popcorn, air-popped, with a Tbsp of butter and a few dashes of salt) (200 calories each)
11:00 or so: hot cocoa (made with 1-1/4c of skim milk, 1 tsp of maple sugar, and 2 Tbsp of natural cocoa powder - mixed and nuked for 2 minutes) and sometimes a square of dark chocolate (I don't have this if I had the yoghurt earlier) (175 calories for the cocoa, and 60 calories for the chocolate)

So - I generally have about 60% of my daily calories in the evening. It wouldn't work for a lot of folks, but it works very well for me. The amounts are just perfect to keep me satisfied when I'm in a munchie mood, and having them pre-planned works to keep me from over-doing it. I'm also not the type to have them at all if I'm not actually hungry for them, so there are some evenings when any of these end up not included. The only one that is pretty much guaranteed to be included is the cocoa - it has become my bedtime "ritual" and it really ends off my day nicely.

There really isn't any reason not to plan some evening munchies in to your day - just pick something that you enjoy and keep it in your ranges!

MANDIETERRIER1 Posts: 17,460
2/27/14 7:59 P

I save some calories for after dinner. Or if I am at my limit I eat fruit. I also plan to have a cup of coffee after dinner. I put 1/4 of a teaspoon of cocoa powder in my coffee. That makes it decadent like a coffee house drink

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2/27/14 7:55 P

I have a tendency to eat my dinner and then want something to munch on afterwards, either sweet or salty. Would really like some feedback/suggestions on what others are doing to not so much kick the habit, but how to curve the over-doing part. Thanks!

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