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3/10/14 9:38 A

Unfortunately I don't know much about it either, lol. I will look on youtube then and see. I just hate to pay so much for the videos that go with it unless Im sure they are actually worth it.

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3/10/14 8:10 A

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I don't know much about that machine, to be honest . But, I know that youtube has tons of workout videos! Have you done a search there?

RAVEN71618 Posts: 25
3/10/14 6:18 A

I just purchased an Aeropilates machine at a rummage sale for an incredible price. It didnt come with any dvds or anything though. Is it worth purchasing the dvds since they are $30 each or are there any workouts online I could use? Any tips on using this machine would be greatly appreciated.

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