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VEUVEGIRL Posts: 23,999
12/8/12 8:09 A

Oh that is awful! I don't think of Advocare as a cleanse. I have done one before and this is very different. It is eating clean, no processed foods with added supplements.

MANDIETERRIER1 Posts: 17,065
12/7/12 9:11 P

I dont believe in cleanses. I did a cleanse a long time ago. (It wasnt advocare) It stripped my colon of good bacteria, so I got a ferocious tummy bug. A committing every fifteen minutes had to go to the emergency room tummy bug.

The cleanse cost $35
The ER trip cost $700

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VEUVEGIRL Posts: 23,999
12/7/12 8:07 P

Bringing this topic back from awhile ago. I just started and am on day 5 of the challenge. My only problem is I have a rash. No idea what it could be from. I am debating whether or not to quit, silly I know, but FINALLY I am losing weight.

4/24/12 7:37 P

All that I know is I've been "eating clean" for years but have been struggling to lose 20 pounds. When I started my "cleansing" (or whatever you want to call it), I have dropped 7 pounds.

I admit I'm also using some products that include some appetite control, energy and muscle re-building properties but I didn't start taking those until after my 6-day cleanse (and I had lost 5 pounds at that point). Before I started my "cleanse", I had always been eating a high fiber diet and was always quite "regular". Hmmmmm.....

ANARIE Posts: 13,162
4/24/12 1:01 P

"There are extra components with the advocare cleanse that also rid your body of toxins."

Anytime you hear or read a statement like this, you have to ask yourself (and/or the company), "What toxins? Which components? What substance have you found that can eliminate another specific substance from the body, and what proof do you have of this?"

The truth is that there are very few things you can ingest that will remove any specific toxin from your body. But that's not really bad news, because you don't have very many toxins (if any) in your body. The word "toxins" is used today by the same people who would have told you that you had "evil spirits" 500 years ago. (And the potion they sold you to get rid of them probably would have been pretty close to the same as the "cleanses" that are being sold now. They used laxatives and diuretics then, too.)

"at the very minimum I recommend you eat totally clean during your cleanse"

This, on the other hand, is great advice. Eat clean (eliminate refined sugars and processed foods, and add more vegetables and lean protein) for 24 days, and you'll definitely be healthier. You'll probably lose weight, too. Eat better, and you don't have to buy any potions.

DRAGONCHILDE SparkPoints: (60,906)
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Posts: 9,707
4/24/12 12:32 P

Any time you hear the words "cleanse" or "detoxify", step far, far away. Cleanses and detox diets don't do anything of the sort; our bodies aren't toilets that need to be flushed, and there's no product or food that can flush "toxins" out of our bodies. That's what the liver and kidneys do, and as long as they're healthy (as most of ours are) and they don't need outside help!

There's no evidence whatsoever that these things work, and if you lose weight, it's because you're flushing fecal matter and fluid out of your body. It's not because it's cleaning some kind of toxin from your colon that has build up... there's no reliable evidence that any such thing occurs. And less that these products do anything about such buildup.

In fact, some of them can be quite dangerous! Remember that such products are unregulated, and don't have to actually do anything at all to be sold.

As for Advocare in particular, there's no credible evidence for or against its efficacy that isn't endorsed by someone related to the company itself, and therefore motivated financially to endorse it.

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4/24/12 12:00 P

Yes, I started the 24 day challenge 3 weeks ago and the cleanse is what kick-started my weight loss. I have been trying to lose 15 pounds for is 4 years now and this is what did it for me.

Bare in mind I did more than just the cleanse, I also included the catalyst and omegas. I'm now taking the MNSC pack (appetite control). I've lost 7 pounds so far and I'm shocked.

I've been drinking my own meal replacement shakes daily for years and drank citracel for extra fiber so I feel like I was already pretty "cleaned out". There are extra components with the advocare cleanse that also rid your body of toxins.

I recommend incorporating it with the 24-day challenge if you are looking to lose weight but at the very minimum I recommend you eat totally clean during your cleanse. I have a pdf document that will help you if you want it.

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AILEBBELIA SparkPoints: (13,418)
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3/7/12 9:10 A

Do a search-they have been discussed on here lots of times.

It's just an overpriced laxative.

You can copy and past the ingredients if you aren't sure or have questions.

3/7/12 9:06 A

Has anyone tried this cleanse? Thoughts? Suggestions?


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