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INSIDEOUT2010 Posts: 572
8/5/11 4:49 P

Scale wise, I say treat it like any other day. If it is not your scheduled weigh-in date, then don't do it.

As a former scale addict, I can say for me that using the number on the scale to justify indulging was a slippery slope. My new routine is to weigh weekly. Keeps me much saner.

AURORA.BELLA Posts: 1,427
8/4/11 1:18 A

Happy Birthday! I think: weigh the day before your birthday, or set a specific weigh in day to weigh every week. Don't let the scale rule your mood.

GATORLADY02347 Posts: 162
8/3/11 10:50 P

Thanks for the birthday wishes :)

I honestly probably won't do bad, and I won't weigh myself. I think I will plan on weighing myself on Friday. No one is really here to celebrate my birthday, and I think going to a restaurant will be more stressful right now than it would be I think I will just stay in and cook a healthy yummy meal and then relax with my boys, and then after they go to bed, enjoy some True Blood...And if I don't go out to eat, I won't be tempted to stop at the store for any sweets

FEMMEFATALE120 Posts: 55
8/3/11 10:02 P

That's a tricky one...personally I wouldn't weigh myself, I would however make a promise to myself not to overindulge. Anything in excess isn't good. But that doesn't mean you can't enjoy a piece of cake on your b-day! Just make sure whatever it is that you eat is portioned and try to substitute for healthier choices. Remember eliminate the word diet from your vocabulary this is a lifestyle. Just do what you would do on any other day. Hope my opinion is helpful to you.

Happy Birthday!

GATORLADY02347 Posts: 162
8/3/11 9:16 P

I was thinking of weighing myself on my birthday which is next Wednesday. I haven't weighed since the 20th of July...

I am thinking if I weigh on my birthday and it is a good number, I will be in a great mood, but I may overindulge a little on eating that day since it is my birthday and I feel like that will be an excuse to eat bad

Or should I not weight myself because if it is a bad number, I feel like I will be in a bad mood all day long on my birthday because of the bad number :(

What should I do?

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