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6/6/14 8:55 P

I am having the same problem, so I totally sympathize. I started on the Spark People program on 04/30, and have lost only 3 lbs so far despite staying within my calories. I don't get quite as much activity as you--30-45 minutes every day. Hang in there! emoticon

KASTRA Posts: 369
6/6/14 5:51 P

It happens. In the grand scheme of things, losing inches is far more important than losing pounds on the scale. When I ran into a similar "stall" (it's not really that when it's just a few weeks), a wise person once pointed out that none of us walk around with our weight on a plaque around our necks, so who cares what the scale says? What is seen by others is the measurements displayed by the measuring tape.

So, if you're losing're doing it right! There might be a few more tweaks you could make, but ultimately, just hang on and keep at it for a little while longer before letting panic set in. Your body is most likely adjusting to the changes you've made before the scale catches up to the measuring tape.

SP_COACH_DENISE Posts: 41,761
6/5/14 8:44 P

Some people may not see a change in the scale for about 6 weeks, while others may see it sooner. There are a lot of changes going on with your body when you start exercising, including retaining water (here's an article that talks more about this:
. The great news though, is that you are losing inches, which is awesome and you will start to see a change in the scale. Have you also had your body fat percentage checked? If not, that would be another good measurement to track and give you a better idea of what is going on than just the number on the scale. The scale is not always the best indicator of how well you are doing -- it can fluctuate about 5 pounds on any given day and can be affected by water retention, where you are in your cycle, when you last ate or drank something, etc. So don't let the scale get you down -- you are doing a fantastic job, especially since you are already seeing inches lost! If you were to ask me if I would rather lose weight and see the number on the scale go down OR if I would rather see inches lost, I would say inches lost.

In regards to your food intake and exercise, I would recommend eating within your range, not just at the minimum level, especially on days that you exercise more, you will need some more food to fuel your body.

You are doing a great job, so keep it up! You can do it!

Coach Denise

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DREAMGIRL41 Posts: 2
6/5/14 2:10 P

I have been tracking my food and exercise for the last 3 weeks and have lost nothing. I am actually staying at my calorie minimum, not including my including execising at least 45-60 minutes a day. Last week, I did lose an inch from both my waist and hips. Today was my weekly weigh-in yet in still no weight loss. I'm trying not to get discouraged, but needless to say I'm disappointed.

Today, I also linked my exercise tracker to my nutrition and my calorie deficit for the last week was always around 900-1100 for my weight.

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