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DANIELLE536 Posts: 13
1/13/13 6:47 P

you guys are brilliant on here, you know everything, i wish i was on here properly ages ago. thank you again :)

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1/13/13 6:44 P

Most folks recommend a full-body strength training lifting as heavy as you can at least 2-3 times a week. For the best bang for your time buck, lift heavy and challenge yourself. You want weights heavy enough to fatigue your muscles (Where you can't complete another rep in good form) in 8-12 reps. If you can do 15+ reps of a lifting exercise, you're lifting too light. :)

Here's a good starter article:

Sparkpeople has a great workout generator to help you. You don't even need special equipment. I bought a set of resistance bands that go up to 30 lbs for less than $20 at Walmart, and they're light and portable.

JENMC14 Posts: 2,786
1/13/13 6:44 P

If you can barely run, and a 5k is your goal, I'd start with something like a Couch to 5K program. Definitely add in heavier lifting as well. For a beginner, I'd suggest a full body program 2-3 days a week with squats, bench and deadlifts. Possibly adding in overhead press and bent over rows. Push ups and planks are great, too.

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LUANN_IN_PA Posts: 24,134
1/13/13 6:36 P

Never light dumbbells... lift as heavy as you can.

DANIELLE536 Posts: 13
1/13/13 6:00 P

with the stregnth training how often should i do this a week? isit just some light dumbells?

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1/13/13 5:57 P

I agree with what everyone else has said, I also want to mention that your schedule is completely lacking in strength training.

DANIELLE536 Posts: 13
1/13/13 5:25 P

Thank you, i shall do that. :)

TACDGB Posts: 6,136
1/13/13 5:23 P

it depends on your level of activity already. So how active are you.........? When I first started on my treamill I did 2 minutes at the speed of 2 and thought I was going to die. But now I can run a 5k and be ok. I would star slow and work your way up. I also would include some strength training too.

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1/13/13 5:19 P


If your goal is to run a 5K, my suggestion is to space out your running to an every other day type schedule. The reason, as a new runner you need a solid day of recovery between runs in order for your body to begin the adaptation to running. Your body adapts to any form of exercise, not during the exercise itself but when you are recovering from the exercise.

Also depending on your previous level of activity having a bootcamp, insanity days back to back, may be too intense and once again slow your progress or leave you vulnerable to injury.

Coach Nancy

DANIELLE536 Posts: 13
1/13/13 5:13 P


I would like some advise on my fitness schedule please, my goal is to lose weight and run in a 5k run. at this very moment in time i can't run for even 5 minutes hense the intense regimen, but i don't want to over work myself.

I have planned my workouts as the following (which will be active as of tomorrow lool);
Monday: bootcamp (HIIT)
Tuesday: Insanity dvd and crosstrainer
Wednesday: Slim in 6 dvd and crosstrainer
Thursday: Insanity and crosstrainer/jog
Friday: Jog and crosstrainer
Saturday: bootcamp and jog
Sunday: reeeeessssst

thank you

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