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WADINGMOOSE Posts: 1,048
7/31/13 9:47 A

You're right, it is missing the point, but I don't think that flaw comes with the tracker. I would suggest that the user trying to meet all their nutritional needs with the oreo, Dorito and beef jerky diet is missing the point.

That said, for me, it's nearly impossible to hit the targets without eating healthy foods. I'd be starving if I tried to hit my calorie and carb and fat ranges without eating veggies and fruit. I wouldn't come close to my protein and fat requirements without meat. Anything I can think of to replace those would leave me hungry and well over my carb and fat allotment for the day or binging due to hunger.

We're all adults - we know what we should be eating and what we shouldn't be eating. If someone wants to "cheat the system" because they think they can, they're really not hurting anyone but themselves.

In addition to tracking fiber, track your sodium.

NHELENE Posts: 1,469
7/31/13 9:35 A

My personal goals are to eat healthier and cleaner, and I use the tracker to help me MANAGE that goal, not to help me ACHIEVE it.

It tends to help me avoid eating junk food, because I know when I eat something I am going to have to track it.
It helps me to look back over a period of time and determine if I'm really cheating often, or if I'm keeping on track overall, and if I'm regularly going severely over or under a certain macronutrient.

If you really need the tracker to help you determine what a healthy menu should be, you should probably turn on the meal planner. But in general, think of the nutrition tracker as one tool out of many that you should be using. Also keep track of the servings of fruits and vegetables, etc. I also agree with what others said about tracking fiber.

7/31/13 9:04 A

Also use the fruit and veggie quick count thingy up by the water intake. I make it a game to hit 6-7 fruits/veggies a day. I also track calcium, vitamin A, vitamin D, b-12, fiber, and potassium on my nutrition tracker. Sometimes foods that are manually entered don't have those nutrients added, though. It is tough because most nutrition labels put how many grams of calcium but the tracker has you add it as a percentage. ??

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7/31/13 9:00 A

I agree, start tracking fiber! It's something that I have a hard time reaching every day but it makes me so much more mindful of what I am putting in my body.

MISSRUTH Posts: 4,128
7/31/13 8:31 A

I agree, especially about tracking your fiber. Cookies and doughnuts will get you to your minimum on carbs, but won't do much for the fiber at all. You need vegetables and fruits for that. Plus they give you a bunch of other nutrients too. But the fiber is an easy one.

How about setting yourself a goal of 5 servings of veg/ fruit a day? Trying one new-to-you veg or fruit a week? Filling up that little quick-click veg/fruit counter every day? I routinely eat around 9 - 11 servings of veg and fruit a day. The inspiration to make your carb choices healthy ones, has to come from inside you. The tracker is just there to help you count it all up.

NIRERIN Posts: 13,817
7/30/13 9:11 P

start tracking other nutrients. add things like fiber and calcium and sodium to see where you are.

7/30/13 8:26 P

I think my best 2 tips would be:
weigh and measure all foods and beverages you consume in the nutrition tracker.
track the day before and it holds you even more accountable to your plan.

Fruits and veggies provide primarily carbs when it comes to the calorie providing nutrients. So yes, you could eat all cookies and doughnuts and the tracker would show that you are within your carb range. Most members add other nutrients to their tracker to get a better indication of their "total" nutrient intake. Let me know if you need the steps to do this. I suggest: vitamin A, vitamin C, folic acid, potassium, fiber, calcium, iron, zinc.

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SCHNLN01 Posts: 15
7/30/13 7:50 P

Anyone have any tips on how best to use the nutrition tracker? Because I've noticed that it is terribly easy to meet all of the tracker's default nutrition goals without eating a single fruit and/or vegetable or really eating anything healthy at all, which seems like missing the point.

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