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2/14/13 11:52 P

Thanks everyone, those are some great tips emoticon
you guys are the best emoticon

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2/14/13 5:55 P

I totally understand your situation. My 5 month old is the same way needing constant attention and I'm not about to let him cry. My gym offers a little play center for $2/ hour. I haven't used it yet, but probably will soon now that he can play a little. My husband is gone for 10-16 hours a day, but if he ever gets home before the gym closes I make sure baby is fed, diapered, and tired or ready for bed so as soon as he comes home I'm out the door.
If this isn't practical, it might be though on sleep, but you could try to workout after baby is asleep for the night. My baby isn't quite dependible with sleeping at night until after midnight, but maybe your baby has more regular sleeping patterns.
During the day I use baby as weight. I'll do shoulder presses, squats, lunges, and abs with him. Then pushups over him kissing his cheeks on the way down.

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2/14/13 9:49 A

I don't have children of my own, but I am receiving my degree in early childhood education and have worked with infants for 14 years, and I can tell you that a 6 month old will be okay for a little while if you don't hold him right away. Of course feed him, give him what he needs immediately, but you don't need to hold him whenever he is awake. An infant needs that at the very early age of life, but at 6 months, it if okay to start allowing more time to go by before responding immediately or for him to self-regulate on his own after his needs are met. Try this. If he wakes, have a chair, crib, boppie seat ready, or a blanket on the floor, move him over to it after feeding and talking to him softly and holding him for a minute or two. He is old enough to grasp up at a toy to mouth, or to put his own hand in his mouth so that he can self-regulate, is he doing that? Make sure there is a hanging toy or something there for him to easily grasp and that you won't have to pick up if it falls. The hard part is once you put him down of course he will get very upset. He is probably okay, he's just use to being held. There is also nothing wrong with you holding him at this age, but if you want more time to exercise, it is totally appropriate to help him get use to not being held while you work out. The idea is to help him find ways to comfort himself. So continue talking to him and reassuring him as he is right next to you where he can see you. It may take a while for him to get use to this routine, but he will. If the crying is too much for you, it's okay to start out doing it for just 1-2 minutes.

Oh yeah, have you ever heard of baby yoga? You can hold him while doing certain exercises!

Good Luck!

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Perhaps aim at a shorter (10-20 minutes) more intense exercise routine - hopefully you are done by the time he wakes?

Also, perhaps keep a sweater handy and put it on as soon as you stop exercising, rather than waiting for your body to get cold. When your body gets cold, it tends to restrict blood flow away from the limbs and towards the core. Keeping warm will ensure the blood continues to flow the the limbs, and will help muscle recovery.


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2/14/13 8:13 A

Hi Team,
I have a 6 months old and he has a habit of waking up in the middle of my exercise for feeding or whatever reason and that leaves me with cold body and no starching. My body at the end of my sessions are stiff and in pain. I have tried exercising when he is awake and that is the worst because if I am standing or walking he wants me to hold him so Any advice as to what I should be doing?

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