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2/8/12 2:16 A

Looks like we will be knee buddies, I tore my ACL skiing few days ago. Please let me know how your surgery goes.

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1/1/12 12:40 P

Hi Redshoes2011-

Thanks for the reply. I've asked my doctor these questions with a second pair of ears there as well. He's basically told me I'll be on my butt for 2 weeks, followed by 6-12 months of rehab. But he also told me to talk to other people who have had this surgery done and see what their experience was like, mostly because he, himself, has not had this surgery.

Thanks for the input!

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1/1/12 12:29 P

This is a question for the doctor whom is operationing on you- bear in mind how much damage done varies from person to person- get it from the horses mouth how this operation will affect you.. The doctor can tell you limitations, when you may return to exercise without setbacks..
This service is part of a specialist doctors education he knows every aspect about it and when you can do rehab etc..
A good thing to do is to write down a list of questions so your armed and ready to bomb the doctor with your worries.. Also take a b-sider someone as a extra pair of ears- sometimes 2 sets of ears are better then one when daunted with alot of information..

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1/1/12 2:49 A

Hi all!

I am scheduled to have ACL reconstructive surgery with a hamstring graft, along with a meniscus removal/repair later this month.

Anyone on this forum have this done before? And if so, how long before you were back working out again? I do mostly recumbent bike right now because of the injury (my ACL is completely torn) and have read you can be back to biking within 2 weeks but I am wondering what to expect or what other people have had as experiences.


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