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It seems to me that you are at a healthy weight, but want to go lower and your body is resisting that (as it logically would). You're going to have to decide whether a few vanity pounds is worth the sacrifice of going hungry most of the time. I'm not being snarky, so please do not take it that way. I'm simply saying that you have two choices: be a little bit bigger (but still small ----130s is small) and eat normally or be really thin and eat extreme low calorie. I don't think the latter is feasible for the rest of one's life, but that's me. I also don't think anything is wrong with your body: I just think it is doing what it should be doing, i.e., gaining weight when you go from eating very low calories to normal calories.

2/7/14 4:03 P

The HCG diet is usually a dangerously low calorie intake. And you have reported doing it several times. This site can not determine if you have placed yourself in nutritional risk.

I think the first thing you need is a complete physical by your doctor. Be truthful with your doctor about how you have been eating. This will help the doctor to determine what tests need to be run. Find out first that your body is healthy, blood work normal. Ask your doctor about seeing a Registered Dietitian for a healthy weight loss and fitness plan.

Immediately return to a wholesome, health eating plan as well; with a minimum of 1200-1300 calories daily---filled with lean protein, fruits, veggies, whole grains, lowfat dairy, etc.

Your SP Registered Dietitian

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I would get on sites like YouTube and check out FullyRawKristina's recipes, recipes, Vegan.Not Gross (all on youtube) and wellness mama, etc. They offer very healthy food recipes that have helped me a ton. I'd say finding these has helped me in the biggest way as far as developing long lasting habits. I eat a lot of vegetables and fruits, drink a alot of water, etc and it has helped me maintain my weightloss even after I hurt my knee and couldn't work out like I was used to for two months or more.

Good luck!

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2/7/14 2:34 P

Heh. Yeah, you're right. The drops are a placebo. Going off them won't do anything to you; being on them won't do anything to you. The effect they have is in the other things you do while on them, and in your head that allows you to do those other things more easily than if you didn't have the HCG providing the excuse for it.

(I hope I'm not insulting you by saying that, but it seems you already kind of know it, inside.)

Anyway. It is possible that the very low calorie portion of the HCG diet has messed up your metabolism over time, but it's not a given. Do you track your calories accurately; have you done so in the past? If you try it, even for a little while, it should give you a better idea of exactly what you're eating now that's causing your weight to stay right where it is; and also what sort of calories you need to be looking at to lose.

As far as exercise goes, it's actually fairly common to gain weight when first starting, because of water retention in the muscles. That may or may not affect how your clothes fit; it's also possible your clothes change how they feel for other reasons and you're just associating it with the exercise. (I weighed five pounds more two weeks ago than I did this morning and could definitely feel it in my body. Hadn't changed a single thing. But two weeks ago was the start of my menstrual cycle, the time of month at which I have recently been biggest and heaviest. Right now is the time at which I am lightest/smallest. So that's the cause. But if I didn't know that, I might worry it was something else.) Many, many people will also instinctively eat more when they start exercising, so if you're not going with some fairly strict calorie or portion control, it's possible you actually are gaining a little bit of weight at those times. But it's unlikely to amount to much, and the exercise is better for you than losing ten pounds would be anyway, so don't stop it for that reason.

Personally I think it might be best for you not to do anything at all right now, but simply stop your current diet, do your best to eat "normally" for a few weeks without reference to the scale (and while tracking really well), and see what normal actually is for you. Then you could come back here with the results and ask for advice again. If your metabolism actually is unusually slow, the advice might be different than if it's fairly normal. It's entirely possible, based on what you've told us so far, that a normal 1200-1500 calorie diet (more if exercising) would lose you weight just fine if followed accurately.

You may also want to have your body fat tested. 135-ish at 5'2" is actually at the very high end of normal, and if your body fat is also normal,then your difficulty losing weight may have nothing at all do with a poor metabolism and simply to do with how little body fat you have to spare. If that's actually the case, then you may not want any kind of diet at all, but simply to focus on strength training (weights are supposed to be great) and at most a very slight calorie deficit (like 1/4 to 1/2 pound per week, a couple hundred calories daily) so that you can tone up everything, and then you'll look great no matter what the scale says.

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Hi. I need some advice, I just keep going in circles. I'm doing the HCG diet for the last week. I've done this diet several times and always gain the weight back. I've tried exercising, I'm a health food nut, but I can never, never lose without going back to this diet. I'm 5'2" and I like to weigh in the 120's. My body loves the 130's. I'm a 43 year old mom to 4. I'm very busy all the time, but I spend most of my time trying to research how to lose weight. I guess I've come to the conclusion that this diet has messed up my metabolism and I need to fix it. I love to work out, but after only 2 weeks or so of much cardio and pilates, my jeans are tight and I seem to blossom. So I revert back to this stupid diet. I bought the book, "The Fast Metabolism Diet" and it makes complete sense. I'm so afraid of going off this diet and starting that, I'll probably gain the few pounds I lost and won't fit in my favorite jeans again. I just have a strong feeling that I should stop this diet and start something new tomorrow. But if I don't wait the 3 days since taking the drops, that may mess me up because the HCG is still in my system. Although this round I'm using drops, there probably is no HCG in them. Does anyone have any advice on how to proceed? Or did anyone else stop the diet a week into it and try something else with success. It may take me a very long time to repair the damage I've done.

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