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Posts: 33,498
1/26/13 6:24 P

Please note that does not preview or endorse their advertisers. They don't even know WHO the ads are for! They don't sell ad space to each advertiser, they use an advertisement supplying company that sells the spots for them.

So they don't make the decision to "allow" each of the individual advertisers. :)

However, if you find some to be inconsistent with the site's goals, by all means report it! Here's what you do:

Just remember they don't preview and vet them first - so yes there will always be some ads that are not consistent with Spark's philosophies. They deal with them as and when reported.

Posts: 55,766
1/24/13 6:23 A

Thanks for your feedback! I will pass it along.

Coach Jen

Posts: 528
1/24/13 5:44 A

I agree, Sensa should not be an ad on Spark. That is terrible to prey on people who are trying to lose weight and Sensa is promising them a quick fix that probably won't happen.

I hate the Jimmy Dean Delights ads that are ALWAYS at the top of my page. They say under 300 calories, but I'm sorry I am trying to eat healthy and that doesn't include highly processed microwave meals that won't fill me up.

Posts: 13
1/24/13 12:33 A

Has anyone else opened their Spark account only to find a flashing advertisement for Sensa? I am really disappointed that Spark would allow Sensa to advertise here. In case you have never seen the commercials or ads, Sensa is a powder of sorts that you sprinkle on your food in the hope of losing weight. Please correct me if I am wrong, but I think it makes food taste bad so you don't eat as much or it is an appetite suppressor of some kind.

This just seem counterintuitive to the reason I use Spark- healthy, long term eating and exercise habits.

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