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1/13/14 9:59 P

This SparkPeople article gives a more in-depth answer regarding the advertisements:

25OPTIMIZE Posts: 18,109
1/13/14 9:56 P

Way to go on finding a healthier option!

The ads can get in the way sometimes, but they are an important reason why the site can be offered for free to help so many people.

Happy Sparking.

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1/11/14 9:43 P

Not only is there the struggle with TV and radio advertisements and people eating on shows BUT there is a Dominos Pizza advertisement on SPARKPeople REALLY????

Actually, today this was not even a little a temptation! YEAH for me!!!!!

However, there have been days when that would have made me call an order in....grabbed a V8 Fusion drink and now I am happy!

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