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4/17/14 3:01 P

Thanks for the response. You're right lemon juice is great to avoid that browning. I may be switching up to small bites so to speak; will reconnoiter with son this weekend. Thanks again.

4/17/14 12:49 P

If I were you, I'd do the fruit and any uncooked veg the day before; cooked filling I'd do two days before.

Remember that a little lemon juice will keep uncooked food from browning.

Best of luck!

CFMOSS Posts: 7,449
4/14/14 8:24 A

I'm working on food for my son's graduation -- and the schedule is going to be very tight - planning on doing this at home to keep budget under control too. Had a brilliant idea, but need some thoughts - I want to do a crepe bar - crepes can be made in advance - it's the fillings, particularly savory fillings I'm thinking about - I made some yummy crepes last night - sauteed vegetables with a mushroom wine sauce - how much in advance can I prep a sauce and the veggies...and what do you think the timing on reheating innards would be. Thanks for any input.

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