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5/17/14 9:25 A

Mash cauliflower into mash potatoes and grate carrot with red cheese for toppings and sandwiches. emoticon

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5/15/14 7:07 P

Same as the previous posted I hid them in chili. stews etc. If I noticed kids picking them out, I'd puree them in a blender then placed in the sauce/cassrole, or whatever I was making. Puree tomatoes, onion, beans then mix in with taco meat, can't tell the difference with seasoning added.

YERVANT Posts: 71
5/15/14 11:33 A

My grandmother's secret with her kids was to make chili with a lot of vegetables in it that they wouldn't notice: diced tomatoes, kidney beans, onions, celery. The sauce and beef hide the vegetables!

4/26/14 10:09 P

Thank you so much!

SNOOPY1960 Posts: 1,686
4/26/14 9:52 P

there are lots of websites with recipes

4/26/14 7:26 A

I'm trying to get more vegetables and a grater variety of vegetables into our diet.

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