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4/23/14 9:38 A

Because it's only a 5 minute workout, I wouldn't worry about adding individual exercises to your tracker. I would search for "strength training", and a few general entries should pop up. I'd add one of those to your tracker to keep track of this workout.

Hope that helps,

Coach Jen

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4/23/14 8:23 A

On Today's Top Stories, I really like the article "5 minutes a Day to a Better Butt."

Ideally, I'd love to to make one click and add the 7 exercises to my fitness tracker -- one per day, like the article has.

But, if not possible to do that, I think I could add each exercise one at a time and label them favorite so I could easily re-add.

However, I'm having difficulty matching the exercises in the article. For instance, today is Wednesday and I searched for "Leaning Lunges" -- couldn't find a match but changed to "lunge ball" and found what I think is a match, but not an easy way to see a demo to confirm.

I searched for "tabata" and found nothing.

Are there more common names for the exercises? And if so, what are they called so I can add them?

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