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KAYEREID Posts: 26
10/25/13 10:14 A

Thanks, Jen.

SPARK_COACH_JEN Posts: 59,348
10/25/13 6:46 A

If you are using the Spark, there's not a way to manually enter the steps on your fitness tracker.

Sorry about that!

Coach Jen

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KAYEREID Posts: 26
10/24/13 6:51 P

Thanks, Gypsygoth. I was able to manually put in the time, and I also measured the route, but I wanted the steps recorded...trying to get 100,000 this month on Sparkpeople. I will just have to chalk it up, I think.

GYPSYGOTH SparkPoints: (94,108)
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10/24/13 6:34 P

If i forget my FitBit or it goes completely insane when I try to add something besides walking on their site (this has happened several times), I end up entering it manually, either by mapping my route (bottom right of your fitness tracker page here) or estimating using the options given (e.g. 20-min mile, 24-min mile, etc.)

I can't stand to completely "lose" the minutes! emoticon

Good luck!

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KAYEREID Posts: 26
10/24/13 4:11 P

I walked about 2800 steps and 1.8 miles according to my Fitbit. I have the new Spark Tracker, too, and that's the one I forgot to wear. Thanks for your response, DIDS70. Looks like I have lost those steps on the Spark report. :-)

DIDS70 Posts: 5,368
10/24/13 3:31 P

in that 30 minutes how far did you walk? Usually 2500 steps is a mile (i think). I have a fitbit and if i forget to wear it, I lose the steps for that day.

KAYEREID Posts: 26
10/24/13 12:42 P

I forgot to wear my tracker this morning. I added the 30 minute walk manually, but how do I get my steps recorded? Is there a way? Thanks.

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