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DIDS70 Posts: 5,368
5/23/13 8:47 A

up your greens. I get all the protein I need from my greens. i also add in nut butters now and then. Maybe the tracker won't show you that you get much, but i get plenty with my kale salads etc.

NIRERIN Posts: 12,839
5/23/13 7:26 A

eat slightly larger portions of the things you already eat.

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5/23/13 7:24 A

Chicken, turkey and fish are also great sources of protein. Start your day with a turkey sandwich made with hummus, turkey, lettuce and tomato.

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5/23/13 2:08 A

What is an average day's menu for you?

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5/22/13 12:40 P

not sure how you make your eggs. But for scrambled eggs, I like to mix cottage cheese instead of milk. It ups my protein and nice and fluffy. But it looks like you already eat both of those. Do you eat any cheese? even just light string cheese.


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5/22/13 12:03 P

Add some high protein plant foods such as quinoa and hemp seeds or add a daily protein shake/smoothie to your diet.

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5/22/13 11:23 A

Wondering if anyone has suggestions for upping protein levels. I tend to eat meat as more of a condiment than a main course. I am usually on the low end of the recommended protein levels, or even under. Even with eggs, beans, cottage cheese, Greek yogurt .... sometimes I just don't make it. Any thoughts?

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