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5/6/13 3:22 P

Do not base your decision to take individual supplements on your nutrition tracker. The nutrients you listed are not mandated to be included on a food label--- therefore, you are most likely getting more than your report shows.

It is a general recommendation that individual nutients should only be consumed when prescribed by your doctor.

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5/6/13 2:09 P

From the Start Page
under My Goals & Progress
Calories Remaining
Click on Change Goal
Click on "Add Another Nutrient to Track"

This will allow you to included almost any item you want to track to your nutrient tracker.

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5/6/13 1:52 P

DRAGONCHILDE is correct in that you may be getting more of those nutrients than you realize.

On another note I add my supplements thru "Enter food not listed". I get the nutritional breakdown from the bottles' labels.


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5/6/13 1:38 P

Have you talked to your doctor about shortages? How are you tracking this shortage? Potassium and magnesium are not on the required list for nutrients on nutrition labels, so you may be getting more than you think.

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5/6/13 1:25 P

Is there a way to include the supplements like potassium,magnesium, calcium, etc so it will show up on my nutrition tracker? I don't get enough of some of the nutrients and take supplements and would like for them to show up so I can see if I need additional amounts.

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