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PROPMAN1 Posts: 4,486
5/13/14 4:09 P

I mostly add lemonor lime to my water. Every now and then i'll dilute some cranberry-grape juice with water so i get less sugar (i hope).

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5/13/14 2:00 P

Just echoing what others have already said. Unless I'm chowing down on an entire pint of berries in my water...I don't count it. I aim for the low end of my daily calorie allowance, so that gives me some cushion room for things like this, anyway.

MUNKOS Posts: 1,007
5/11/14 9:38 P

Russell, I'm actually doing it for my daughter who's specialists had me giving her juice in her water along with her laxatives (she suffers chronic constipation) and now she won't drink water without juice diluted into it - I'm trying to find a better way to get her to drink more fluids in general and have less juice. So I figured this was probably a good start until she gets used to the more subtle flavours. But, I will be drinking it from time to time too since it will be a nice change and she's more likely to try something new if I have some with her! I primarily drink water plain. I have an odd 80 calorie pop with popcorn every now and then but it's mostly water for me :)

Nierin - I am mostly squishing it just a bit, and then straining any bits or chunks out once it has sat for a while.

BUSYMOMGETSFIT SparkPoints: (2,365)
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5/11/14 7:43 P

I add lemon or lime to my water in the morning to help detox. If I add berries it is to make a smoothy but then I would add a little greek yogurt as well which helps it mix better.

SLIMMERKIWI SparkPoints: (247,264)
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5/11/14 6:26 P

MTN_KITTEN - I guess that I am one of the "Not many" - fruit was actually what I had to cut back on. I often ate 10 or more serves of fruit alone, each day, BUT having said that, my calorie intake was generally only around 1650-1850 daily, and I still gained weight on that.


NIRERIN Posts: 14,249
5/11/14 12:18 P

since you're muddling and not just dropping it in, i'd count it as about half of the fruit you use. if your muddle looks a lot more like a whole berry, then i'd count it as 1/3 of what you used. if your muddle looks like it was pulsed in a food processor, i'd count it as 2/3 of what you used. as others have noted, two berries over the course of a liter isn't going to add up to anything at all. but if you're using two cups, that's going to add up, particularly if there isn't a lot of berry left over.

MTN_KITTEN SparkPoints: (141,664)
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5/11/14 12:16 P

Not many of us are over weight due to over eating fruit!

I use lemon and lime and frozen berries to spruce up my water but do not count it.

EMPRESSAMQ Posts: 5,077
5/11/14 11:47 A

I track every single calorie containing bite that I consume, even a few berries in water.

But that's me, other policies work for other people.

5/11/14 11:42 A

I you are talking about three berries, I wouldn't sweat it. If you are crushing a pint and drinking it over the course of a day, I'd count it.

RUSSELL_40 Posts: 16,826
5/11/14 11:34 A

Berries are very low glycemic, and on the rare occasions I have fruit, I eat berries. However the problem with fruit is on the blood sugars, not calories.

By combining water and berries, you have added sugar to the water ( fructose ). This may not be enough to do anything, but as a diabetic, this would spike my blood sugars. My cardiologist once warned me that the only thing more unhealthy than pop, was fruit juice. Why? Because we think it is healthy. We know pop isn't, so we at least try to limit it.

I don't know what the blood sugar effects will be over the years. Better than pop/fruit juice obviously, but have to ask, what is wrong with plain water? It is delicious.

The reason for any improvement you taste from the berries in the water, is from the sugar though. Plus, if you don't eat the berries themselves, you missed out on the fiber.

Hopefully this is a step in the direction of drinking water plain, and then if you decide to have a dessert, like berries, you eat the actual berries, and get the fiber, along with the sugar.

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5/11/14 10:56 A


MUNKOS Posts: 1,007
5/11/14 9:29 A

Thanks everyone. I was pretty sure it wasn't anything I needed to keep track of. Just wanted to make sure some of the higher calorie fruits weren't going to be an issue with their juices as some you do need to meddle a bit to get them to release flavour.

I may eat the fruit eventually, (or my little one will, she's a berry addict :) ) but it won't always be the same day I've made the water, or everytime if the fruit doesn't hold up to being soaked for a while. So in terms of calorie counting I'd assume I'm not eating them and count separately (if I needed to account for the water that is!) instead of just tracking the fruit and calling it a day.

SUNSHINE6442 Posts: 2,257
5/11/14 8:30 A

Raspberries actually any kind of berries have very little impact on blood sugar. Why not eat the berries? They are low in calories and also add good fiber to you diet. Great in Vitamin content too.

Here are a few tips

Blueberries are low GI and have Manganese which helps convert the proteins, carbs and fats in food into to energy. High in fiber it helps cholesterol too! I read that research shows that omega 3's increase grey matter volume in areas in the brain that regulate mood and behavior.

The high fiber content in blackberries helps maintain digestive health...they control blood sugar, can help with weight loss and even lower cholesterol levels. There are flavonoids present in blackberries

Raspberry is one of the few fruits whose consumption would not have much effect on the body’s blood sugar levels.

I eat plenty of berries and I don't bother counting the calories.....I need those vitamins and fiber to maintain a healthy system.

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SLIMMERKIWI SparkPoints: (247,264)
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5/11/14 4:10 A

If you aren't eating the fruit, and the flavour is only what seeps out from the fruit, I wouldn't be counting it in the nutrition tracker. The calories would be negligible if, in fact, there were any added calories at all. If it were me, tho', I would be munching on the fruit :-)


ALOLBU SparkPoints: (3,138)
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5/11/14 3:23 A

I would say if you are not eating the fruit it would certainly be negligible. Especially if you are adding spices like cinnamon that work towards steadying blood sugar.

MUNKOS Posts: 1,007
5/10/14 8:59 P

How do you calculate the calories added to water when adding different fruits? Right now I have muddled some raspberries in a litre of water and I won't be eating them. Is the amount negligible? I will be making large batches for myself and my 2 year old now that the warmer weather is here and want to make sure I'm accounting for it if I need to be!

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