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Adding and Deleting foods in Favorites

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Posts: 672
4/28/13 3:08 P

Just wanted to mention that there is an alternative to adding individual ingredients in to your favourites for soups, stews, casseroles, etc. - entering the entire recipe in If you haven't been using it, you can access it under the "Articles and Videos" tab.

This way you can build the recipe for the entire item, and have the system split it in to the number of servings that you decide on. It's then super easy to use the "recipes" tab on the tracker to add in whatever portion of a serving that you actually ate.

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4/28/13 8:55 A

Thank you BRAVELUTE for posting how to remove something from favorites!!! I had allot of things in there I can no longer have!!

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2/24/13 10:17 P

I always use the volume measurement. Makes it easier on everyone. So if a serving is 1 cup, I put it in as 1 cup. That way if someone else uses your entry, they will 1) know how much a serving is (I usually put in the title also to be very clear), and 2) can adjust it more easily... like if they want to use 1.5 cups, they can just put in 1.5.

Posts: 295
2/24/13 9:13 P

So if the label says serving size is 1 cup then enter it as 1 cup not 1 serving? I entered one the other day and when I click the pull down the only option was serving. My husband and I have checked several of the items that others have entered that should be the same as I have but when I enter it I click 1 serving, or what every the size is, to check that the calories is right and find that many of them have the wrong calorie amount.

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Posts: 2,171
2/24/13 7:55 P

KSTONYA, you still use the "cup" entry, but you enter .5 in as the quantity instead of 1.

Posts: 295
2/24/13 7:22 P

I have been having trouble adding foods I read the label and it will tell me what the serving size is and when I go to use the item I might adjust the amount say serving size is 1 cup but I want half a cup and the pull down just gives me the option of serving not cup oz etc. How do I fix that?

Posts: 1
2/24/13 6:43 P

I keep trying to add of wine and I can't seem to get it. Do you have any suggestions? Thanks, just a beginner. Jaylee

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2/10/13 2:14 P

To delete favorite which are no longer favorites: Click the favorites tab.
Click the Favorite options button.
Choose Edit.
Click the remove button next to each thing you want to remove.

I don't remove anything from my favorites list unless it is something I have decided I never want to eat anymore. It is truly easy to find something with spinach in it, simply by typing spinach in the favorites window. Everything with spinach in the title pops up in the window below, you click the one you want, click the meal to put it into, and you're done!! You don't need to scroll through everything.

To add a food to your favorites, start with the search tab.
Type the favorite food with no punctuation in the box.
Click on your choice. Choose the meal, and underneath that choice, click "Add to Favorites."

When I set up my favorites, I had a list of anti-angiogenic foods (available on my team page) I entered all of those, since I was going to try to focus on them. Then I added a few favorite fruits, veggies and whole grains that I usually eat. That has been very helpful and time saving to plan my meals for the day.

I open favorites, click foods I plan to eat during the day, and assign them to a meal or snack. Once I've scrolled through the list, I click Add to Tracker, and 75% of my meals, calories, and fiber are done. I fill in the rest with choices as I prepare the meal, adding those things at that time.

Hope this long message is helpful!!

Posts: 2,244
2/10/13 2:12 P

Go to your Favorites tab. Hover over the button that says "Favorites Options" and choose "Edit Manually Entered Foods" - voila, you can fix errors in your entries, delete entries completely, or add new items from there. Or hover over "Edit Favorites" to add/delete items to your favorites list.

Edited by: BUNNYKICKS at: 2/10/2013 (14:14)

Posts: 72
2/10/13 2:02 P

I have trouble adding foods and would like to delete some foods from my favorites to make it easier to navagate. If I make a soup or a casserole I don't know how many carrots or vegetables I have in my cup portion size. What is the best way to do this?

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