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There's no way to add someone to your account; in order for them to track, they'll need to create their own accounts (or you can do it for them.)

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5/27/13 10:37 A

Because each of your nutritional needs are different, I'd encourage you and your wife to set up your own accounts so that you can compare what you're eating to your individually recommended calorie and nutrient ranges.

SparkTeens is our website for young people ages 13-17, so I'd encourage your son to open an account there. Based on his activity level, it can give him calorie and nutrient ranges to help meet his needs.

Hope that helps,

Coach Jen

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5/27/13 8:32 A

Hi, my wife and I are following Vemma Bode Transformation and think Sparkpeople will help us understand better what we eat during the day and when we finish with the program will also help us with the transition to regular food.
But my questions is about my son, 17 years old, athlete, competitive soccer player, and we are sure that your meal plan can help him to eat better that will reflect on better performance. Is this true?
How do I add my wife and son to track them both?

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