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Adding Recipe to Food for the Day

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Posts: 2,037
7/24/10 9:06 A

i've had trouble with this too. thanks for the info

Posts: 1,063
7/14/10 12:59 P

Sometimes between shopping trips - if I don't have a specific item to make a meal - I look for the items I have in recipes and then substitute a meal in. It's a great way to cut costs and not wasting food!

Posts: 29,784
6/28/10 8:03 P

I checked your account and you don't have any recipes in your recipe box, so that is why you don't have anything showing in that tab. Did you happen to enter that recipe on another account?

Alternately, you can also add a recipe to your nutrition tracker by doing the following:

1. Find the recipe you want to add to your meal planner.
2. Below the nutritional information is a button to "Add Recipe to Meal Planner."
3. Click on the link that will open a new window for "Add a Food."
4. Select the serving size, which meal to add it to, and check the box if you'd like to save to your favorites for future use.
5. Click on "Add Food to Today" and the recipe will now show up in your tracker.

Coach Denise

Posts: 48
6/28/10 2:19 P

So I've got a shared recipe I entered on SparkRecipes. I want to add it to what I am eating today. I click on "recipes" tab after "Add Food" and none of my SparkRecipes are there. I can search on the title, and get other people's recipes for the same thing, but not the recipe I entered. Sorry if this is a redundant question, I searched but couldn't find anything. TIA!

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