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If you belong to a gym, I would recommend that you talk with one of the trainers there who can do a full fitness assessment and base a good cardio routine around your bad ankle. Unfortunately we are not in a position to know how your ankle will respond to what exercise.

I wish you well!
Coach Nancy

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you might try a mini trampoline. It really reduces the impact. Also you might enjoy a water aerobics class.

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I've got a bad ankle (multiple sports injuries over the years) that doesn't allow for much exercise without pain. Running doesn't work, and walking fast and far enough to get a workout often causes problems, too. Even the motion of pedalling a bicycle hurts. I've seen a doctor, who said low impact exercise would help my ankle get stronger, and one of the few things I've found that doesn't hurt is elliptical machines. However, I'm getting really bored with doing the same thing day after day. Are there other cardio exercises that are easy on the ankles that I might do to break up my routine?

P.S. My ankle also does pretty well with swimming... I just don't enjoy swimming laps. At least on the elliptical I can watch Sports Center!

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