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ONLINEASLLOU SparkPoints: (64,641)
Fitness Minutes: (47,542)
Posts: 4,406
5/4/14 1:31 P

I am happy with my SparkPeople Activity Tracker (SPAT). Of course it is not perfect -- nothing is -- but it is easy and it consistently does the job I want it to do. I clip it to my shoe or bedroom slipper and it works just fine.

GYPSYGOTH SparkPoints: (94,938)
Fitness Minutes: (72,557)
Posts: 45,743
5/4/14 11:40 A

The FitBit connects with Sparkpeople. It's not perfect, but the interaction isn't bad.

I LOVE getting the credit for my steps here... unfortunately since they started selling their own tracker, they won't "announce" your FitBit steps on your Friend Feed... oh well.

SELENITYLUNARE SparkPoints: (16,509)
Fitness Minutes: (8,386)
Posts: 704
5/3/14 2:47 A

Sparkpeople actually has their own tracker! I am wearing it right now, in fact!

Look up SparkPeople Activity Tracker. It can be purchased by clicking on the shop link over near the top right of the page to the left of your points info.

I love mine. emoticon

TURTLED7 Posts: 31
5/2/14 11:01 P

Are there any activity trackers that work with spark people? I have been looking to purchase one but haven't made a definite decision. If you have one to recommend please let me know. Thanks

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