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I use an activity tracker, a polar loop. Mine keeps me motivated. It checks my steps, activity numbers to reach my goals for the day and calories. When I sync with the polar application I check sleep and training workouts for the day when I use a the heart monitor.

As I stated it does motivates me and causes me to move through out the day in order to meet my goals for steps and activity. I think it works for people who goal oriented as each time you reach your goal it causes you to want to make your goal for the next day so it can be habit forming.

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Hi All -
The last time I successfully lost weight (about 40lbs in 2009-2010) my lifestyle was MUCH different. I was living with my parents and was between college and career. I had time to go to the gym, workout at home and successfully calorie count. Now I'm a full time social worker, mother to one (plus two bonus kids) and have a SUPER busy life.

During the first phase of my life that I talked about - the one where I actually lost weight successfully - I was using a BodyMedia fit armband (like the ones on the Biggest Loser, if you're familiar with those), which carries a $6.95/month fee for the software usage. I still have it and it still works, but I couldn't justify the cost of using it on top of what I paid for it ($120). Plus I didn't like wearing it to work because it looked funny and you could even tell I had it on with long sleeves because it put a sort of indented ring around my arm.

My question is, for those of you with some sort of activity tracker, which do you recommend for all-the-time use? And was the cost worth it? Will it help me stick to a plan and motivate me to work out? I know some activity trackers come with motivational software as well. I saw today that Kohl's has the FitBit for $99, plus a $10 gift card, and they have other promotions going on so it would basically take it down to $69. I just don't know if I can justify the money without knowing if it will actually help motivate me to move.

Suggestions? Thoughts? Thanks in advance! :)


EDIT: If you have the Fitbit, do you have the scale that sync's with it? Is it REALLY worth the $130?

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