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I think there's just one way to attach the tracker to it's clip, so you're probably not doing anything wrong. The instructions do suggest making sure the open end of the clip is pointing towards your toes if you wear it on your shoe. But mine has a tendency to come lose pretty often as well, and I just put a little piece of tape on the underside to hold the tracker to the clip after I put it on my shoelace. Your shoe is the best place to wear it for accuracy, but you can also attach it at your waist or to a bra if necessary.

Hope this helps.

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11/21/13 11:51 A

I have purchased and been using my tracker since it first came out and really like it other then one issues. It keeps falling off the clip. I have tried running with it even secured under my shoelaces and flies off. I am wondering if I do not have it attached correctly. Can someone please give me some pointers on how it is supposed to be secured tightly to the clip? Thanks for any feedback

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