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When you set up your device, you specify your baseline activity level. So it doesn't inherently know that the activity you're getting at work, for example, is part of your everyday routine. If you set it to active, it will assume you burn more calories throughout the day than someone who is more sedentary. It will still track your exercise the same way- as long as you're getting 10 minutes of continuous movement it will track that as an exercise "event". (Most people with active jobs likely do a lot of stopping and starting, so that movement wouldn't mistakenly be recorded as exercise.)

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How does this device know if you have an active job or a sedentary job that is a baseline of normal activity for someone? If someone has an active job that they work 5 days a week that the body is used to is the activity it records really accurate? How sensitive is this to movement? I have a pedometer set on the lowest sensitivity but I still find that it records more steps than I actually take and also does not work well if I am wearing slippers, like when I clean my house. How does this device record yard work or gardening activity? Or heavy cleaning?

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