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1/18/12 9:50 A

Like the previous say- get a HR monitor. They are not too expensive. I got my at Dick's Sporting Goods for around $90. It comes with a monitor that you wear around your chest and and usually a watch. I wear mine when I work out and then double check with what Spark tells me and they are usually around the same numbers maybe minus 5 calories or something. It goes by your height, weight and age so you get accurate results.

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1/18/12 9:06 A

I would recommend getting a heart rate monitor, too. Using a HRM during your workout can give you a more accurate idea of how many calories you burn. Everyone is different! I actually tend to burn more calories during a workout than SP estimates for me, so it's made a big difference for me!

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1/18/12 6:42 A

I'm hoping that I'm burning more now at this weight so I can get it off fast hope all is well with you.

Thanks to everyone that's trying to help me I need all the support that I can get I really want to get rid of all this fat and me a more healthier me.
UNIDENT Posts: 33,498
1/18/12 2:33 A

Depending on what kind of walking, 10 calories a minute is TOTALLY realistic! If it was a 'stroll in the park' then maybe not so much.

At a heavier weight you have a much heavier load to carry with you while walking. It'd be like someone smaller carrying another person on their back! So it does burn a LOT of calories to do pretty much anything when you're quite large.

Basically, trust in Spark's numbers for walking/running. If you're using gym equipment with a magnetic resistance like elliptical or exercycle there may be less reliability in those numbers (I find Spark's elliptical FAR too high for me and my HRM).

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1/17/12 8:06 P

Well... you actually are probably burning higher number of calories because your heart is working harder carrying extra weight. i know for me, when I was 290, I burned a heck of a lot more calories than I did at say, 250, doing the exact same workout. The better shape you get in, the harder you have to work to burn calories. That being said, if you really want to know exactly what you're buring, I would recommend investing in a heart rate monitor. I love mine!!

ARABWEL Posts: 258
1/17/12 8:01 P

So I am looking at my calories burned from fitness numbers and going "that can't be right..." because the numbers jsut seem way too high. So I am curious - how accurate are the burned-X-calories numbers once you hit a higher body weight? Like, my 330 lbs butt walking around for 20 minutes burning 200+ calories seems - absurd.

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