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3/4/12 8:57 P

Thank you for your response.

I was scoffing at the possibility of the calorie burn being that high last night, but I am feeling it today. I was rather surprised how sore I actually am. But it is a good type of sore.

I view most Wii things as an activity as opposed to fitness, but I've learned there are some really good programs out there. And some that will really motivate you to get your body and heart going. And I've found it easier to do the dance games and things like the Exerbeats routines rather than workout videos. In the end as long as I've got my heart pumping, and am not just sitting on my bum, I guess its a win :D

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3/4/12 10:22 A

All calorie counters are estimates. Typically there is a 10-15% or more error margine in the math (Thus if you burn 100 calories a report of 85 - 115 would be normal. You can cross compare with other counters and get a senese of how well they match up. Much of the research on Calorie burn was normalized for running and biking and as you move further away from these the accuracy of the estimate becomes less reliable.

You could find simlar exercises, type and level of exersion and then compare to other calorie estimates and see what you come up with. Some on the form do not suggest calories burned to be a useful thing because the estimates are so un-reliable and recomment using a Precived Rate of Exertion. In my opinion both are useful and each has its own problems.

I tracked my calories burned for running and biking for a year an half, using a HRM and six other estimates. I found them to average within 10% so to my way of thinking they are all just about equal. I do not use the WII for fitness so have not tried the Exerbeats Calorie Counter, however I assume it will fall more or less within the same peramaters as the others

HPURDY28 Posts: 106
3/4/12 4:08 A

I just got the Wii fitness game Exerbeats, and I really enjoy it. But it seems that the calories burned are high. I'm not sure if I am just not feeling the full effect because I am enjoying myself, or if it is in fact just too high. I do feel like I got a good workout, but when I compare the same feeling of energy exerted and what those other activities claim to have burned... The game is tracking very high.

I was wondering if anybody who owns a heart rate monitor has had a chance to compare the calories burned with the game. I did a quick search but haven't found much concrete on it.

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