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4/17/09 11:44 A

LOL I think the cardio is easy compared to the strength too! For me the first one is the worst though. Mostly because my shoulders feel like they are going to fall off. emoticon

MELMALONE Posts: 634
4/16/09 10:03 P

I had a fabulous day of eating today. Somehow I managed 7 servings of fruit and veggies. Who says you can't eat well when you are trying to lose weight? Okay, so the chicken I made for dinner wasn't as tasty as the Sparkrecipe reviews made it out to be, but I know I CAN make great chicken on the grill- and for WAY less calories.

Today is only one day in the grand scheme of things...but it takes those one days to add up to lots of good days. I'm sore all over (especially my chest), but it feels really good. Gonna weigh in tomorrow (changing my weigh in to Fridays). I've had a pretty decent week so far.

Now for a much deserved glass of wine...or two.

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4/16/09 4:46 P

Oh, and did I mention I have RUG BURNS on my knees from doing my girl push ups?! Ouch! Gonna have to put a mat down on the carpet next time.

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4/16/09 4:41 P

Daaannng! Talk about shredded! The side static lunges with the shoulder work are enough to put anyone over the edge, seriously. The cardio that comes after is like taking a break in comparison to the HELL that comes with that strength training.

But, it's all good. I'm happy to be doing something consistently that keeps me focused. My upper body is just sad. I've always focused my efforts on my lower half because...well, I think because my legs are strong, and it was easier. My arms, shoulders, and chest muscles are taking a beating (along with my legs).

So far, my bursitis hasn't been too bad. Hurts a little in certain movements, but not enough to stop. Gonna go for a walk tonight to get in some extra cardio.

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4/15/09 4:38 P

She just kills you!!! My legs are so stiff today!!! 2 down, 28 to go!!!! (I can't wait for that to say 28 down, 2 to go)

I am glad you are feeling better!!!

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4/15/09 4:17 P

emoticon Day 2 of "Shred", done.

I think day 2 was harder....but, I managed 8 girl push ups per set, yay me! AND- I didn't drop the weights once. Ack, that last circuit is a killer. Gonna take it easy the rest of the day.

I adjusted my fitness tracker to reflect the 228 calories burned in Jillian's 20 minute workout...again, not sure if this number is correct. But 228 per day gives me a total burn of 1596 cals per week...which, in turn changed the upper end of my allotted calories per day to 1920! Seems like a lot. I'm trying to stick to around 1600. If I start to feel crummy, I'll up the cals.

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4/14/09 11:08 P

Got out for a great walk with my older girls tonight...walked about 2 miles. I feel SO MUCH saner today!

I've already logged my food for tomorrow, so all I have to do is follow the plan. I want to space out my calories more evenly during the day. My habit is to eat about 320 cals for breakfast; around 350-400 for lunch, then lay out my biggest meal for dinner. The problem with this is by dinnertime, I'm nearly done with the day. Why do I need to add on another 800+ calories? My plan is to eat more like 500-600 for lunch; 600-700 for dinner. This puts me around 1600 at the end of the day.

Gonna go take a nice, hot bath...'sigh'

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4/14/09 4:05 P

Day 1 of "Shred", done!

First question: Anyone know how many calories we are burning? I only took one 5 second break, otherwise, I was all in. I submitted "vigorous calisthenics" for 20 minutes in my fitness tracker which burned around 230 cals. I burn around 280 on my elliptical in 40 minutes, but Jillian's workout is much harder. Let me know if you find a solid number.

I agree with Karen on the abs...not nearly the workout I normally give myself, but a great breather in between everything else! Maybe she goes a bit easier on the core so we can have a few seconds to rest.

I had to drop the weights on the second set of side lunges; my shoulders were on fire! In addition, I have serious bursitis in my right shoulder when I lift in certain movements. Any kind of "military press" lift will have me in tears. This also applies to push ups. I did my best doing Anita's push ups, but I can barely pump out 5. I held a plank pose for the remaining time. I may have to sub out a different movement if my right shoulder starts acting up. Guess we'll find out tomorrow.

Overall, a great workout! If it were easy the first day, I'd be bored for the next 10 days. I would really love to be able to do regular push ups. Maybe my upper body strength will improve enough with this workout, and I can make that a reality.

Thinking about going on a walk with my girls...a beautiful day outside, and getting out always helps my mood.

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4/14/09 2:22 P

When I start having these mini anxiety episodes, I have a real disconnect from my world. I don't experience regular, everyday occurrences like I normally would. Nothing seems as pleasant, as rich, or as lovely as it does when my physiology is right.

At some point I have to I going to let this control me, or am I going to take control? Well, I'm tellin' ya, I am not going to lay down and die. I'm not letting this "thing", this fear get the best of me. I'm moving forward. With any luck, my feelings will follow.

Gonna do Day 1 of Jillian in about half an hour...I'll come back and let y'all know how it was for me.

ANDREA101010 Posts: 312
4/14/09 11:56 A

I am sorry you are struggling. Try and focus on positive things and your accomplishments. You have come so far and there are people that wish they were where you are now. Don't be so hard on yourself, no one is perfect, every workout is not perfect, every food choice you make is not perfect but your choice to get healthy, despite the ups and downs, is perfect!!!
I hope today is better for you and be proud of even the smallest accomplishment!!!
P.S. Let me know what you think of The Shred!!

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4/14/09 10:02 A

Aw Mel sorry you had a bad day emoticon I sure hope today is better for you! I struggle with depression sometimes too. And I give you props for working out anyways! It really sucks having bad work outs. They say how ever you ended your last work out sets the mood for the next one so always end your work out good (for me that means EASY!). It will get better though! I promise!

MELMALONE Posts: 634
4/14/09 12:39 A

Dipping in and out of depression/ panic episodes tonight...all day, really. I had this same day 2 weeks ago. I think it might have something to do with my diet (see blog entry). At any rate...I'm going to bed in hopes tomorrow will be a better, depression free day! I'm setting my sights on Jillian, no matter what.

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4/13/09 4:48 P

I'm gonna go with the 182.2. I'll log my weight here next week if there's any change from my current ticker. My new scale is weighing my husband right, so I'll trust it.

Today is a SUCKY day. I don't know if it's the weather or what, but I cannot get out of this funk. I got my elliptical and most of my strength training in, but I hated it the whole time!

I cannot wait until I'm done with school. When I'm finished with the girls at the end of April, I'm gonna start working out around 10am. That way I won't have half the day to dread it if I'm having a bad attitude.

I looked at myself in the mirror today when I was considering quitting this whole lifestyle (!!)...and I thought, is this how you want to look for the rest of your life? Saggy, dimpled ass, rubbing thighs, fat arms? And it will only get worse from here. No, it's not what I want....but the road to making it better just seems so long and impossible. I'm in tears just thinking about it.

I've birthed 6 babies....but, this is by far the hardest thing I've ever attempted. Labor pains END after a while! This is my whole life we are talking about. Can I really do it? Today I'm feeling like I can't.

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4/13/09 11:07 A

Melanie my doctor's scale weighs me at like 7 pounds more! And when I told her I'd lost almost 15 pounds she weighed me (I think so she could adjust my medication according to my weight) and said "oh my scale says you've only lost 8 pounds." I felt like crap!!!!!!! Because it was all said in front of her office staff too:( And I have a nice scale that measures in tenths and measures body fat and a bunch of other stuff. It even tells me how much of my body is fat in pounds! But I try to brush off the doc and just go by my scale. If you'd like to stick to your new nice scale I'd just skip your weigh in today and begin fresh next week. You've still lost the same amount, even if your new scale is showing you higher.

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4/13/09 10:58 A's the deal: I bought a new scale last Tuesday. It's got a nice big display, weighs in tenths, keeps track of my weight, etc. My old scale was jenky...I'd weigh a pound more or less every time I went to weigh, and the hash marks were so small, I could barely see what my actual weight was. BUT- today it said I weigh 180. The new scale said I weigh 182.2. I want to weigh 180! But if I want to continue to use the new scale, I suppose I should go with 182.

I know the point is that I'm losing (when I bought the scale on Tuesday and tried it out for the first time, it said I weighed 184). I don't want to quibble over a couple of pounds....but, it's a couple of pounds! That's a couple of weeks work that is going unrecorded. Should I just get over it? Suck it up, say I weigh 182.2 officially and start there? Maybe I won't record my weight at all this week...wait until next week...I don't want to move my ticker up!

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4/13/09 10:54 A

Isn't it weird how things can change and our old eating habits no longer seem so appealing? I think a year ago I would have eaten twice as much as I did yesterday and not even blinked about it! I still feel sick just thinking about all I ate! Bleck emoticon Back on track today though. Have a good Monday! emoticon

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4/12/09 9:42 A

Happy Easter!

LOVELY_IRV Posts: 16
4/11/09 7:40 P

Well, I applaud you getting back on track. Alot of people get caught up on the pity party. Keep it up! emoticon

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4/11/09 3:19 P

Hi, I just started back to Sparks after an attitude of I don't need to track my food...WHAT WAS I THINKING? No only did I not do it seriously, I gained 12# in the process. So, I am committed to accountability, because when I don't write it down, it is as if I didn't eat it. Today my plan is to keep the Nutrition Tracker, and IF I EAT IT, I OWN IT. Not going to beat myself up over this, have done that for way to long, just going forward with a new year, B-day 4/25 and it is time to think about where I want to be this time next year...obviously not where I am today....but going forward! Thanks for letting me share with all of you. emoticon

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4/11/09 10:12 A

Great job Melanie! Sorry to hear yesterday wasn't all that great but it looks like you are right back on track today. And that's really what a lifestyle change is all about:)

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4/10/09 5:01 P

I cannot believe how much a good workout changes my attitude...seriously, it's weird. This morning I was nagging my husband, just being nasty, overall. After I was done on the elliptical, I felt so much more calm, rested, even. I ended up sending him an email asking him to forgive my bitchiness.

I'm prone to depression/ anxiety. Too many days like yesterday, and I'd have an all out panic episode. I crave routine. When that routine gets too out of whack, it totally affects my mood. So glad today could be more normal....and I'm SO glad exercise is becoming a necessity! It's taken 26 days to realize it. I'm praying my mindset stays this way.

I do not want to go back to the slug of person I was a month ago....that fear was present on my elliptical today. I felt like I would disappoint myself AGAIN. Felt like getting off at 20 minutes. But, "the voice" as Andrea calls it didn't win...I won...and I pressed through to the full 43 minutes. Felt great! I've never surpassed 4 weeks of an exercise/ eating plan. Sunday is my 28th day. Gonna sail through, and go even further.

Jillian, do your worst.

MELMALONE Posts: 634
4/10/09 12:18 A

Part of my rod is still here...must be the other half! Neck pain sucks...affects everything you do. Sorry you are hurting. Hope it doesn't affect your day tomorrow.

It's 11pm, and I'm feeling pretty flat. I didn't get in any exercise today. I got meals made, held babies and watched TV. Too much TV depresses me. I'm looking forward to the sun shining tomorrow and getting back into a regular schedule as much as I can.

Even if I have sick girls tomorrow, I'm going to get in some cardio, at the very least. Jeff will be home in the evening, and he can take care of the girls while I go for a walk or do my elliptical. Feels like such a wasted day. Gonna try to shake it off and make it better tomorrow.

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4/9/09 10:54 P

Are you missing your metal rod? Cause I think it found it's way to me, my neck is killing me!!!

ANDREA101010 Posts: 312
4/9/09 6:49 P

Poor little girls, I hope they are better soon. I have 2 sick, too (fevers and sore throats, I hope it's not strep) but it is my 17 and 10 year old so they don't require as much care as the little ones. Great attitude about the exercise, you can only do so much and the kids come first!!!

MELMALONE Posts: 634
4/9/09 4:52 P

Two of my daughters are sick today...really sick. High fevers, terrible cough, miserable. I managed to make it out to my chiropractor, sick kids and all...but, that's the extent of my day. The rest has been laying around with the girlies.

My plan is to take a quick nap so I'm rested for what's looking like a long night ahead. I'll try to get some elliptical time in, but I'm not gonna beat myself up about it if it doesn't happen. I've stayed within calories 4 days in a row, so that's good.

Hoping none of the other girls come down with this flu...hate seeing them like this, especially my 19 month old :(.

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4/9/09 10:19 A

Wow great job working through your headache and lack of energy! Hope your neck adjustment does the trick for you.

MELMALONE Posts: 634
4/8/09 4:51 P

Pay no attention to that whiny chick who was here just a while ago. I'm hoping I don't see much of her in the future. I did 22 minutes on the eliptical and nearly all my strength training scheduled for today. I feel a TON better. I am, however gonna take a short nap to recuperate before I have to go out tonight.

I only have cardio scheduled for tomorrow, AND I'm getting another adjustment for my neck/ back. I should be feeling much better by Friday.

Thanks, ladies for checking in and spurring me on!

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4/8/09 4:27 P

Don't be too hard on yourself if you need a break. Listen to your body. It might be telling you that maybe doubling your cardio was too much. If you rest today your work out tomorrow might be even better!

ANDREA101010 Posts: 312
4/8/09 3:54 P

I am sure you are doing all these things:

Get at least 8-9 hours sleep
DRINK WATER~starting as soon as you wake up
Keep exercising

Your body is just mad at you for changing things. Soon you'll feel better and your body will adjust!!!

You can do it, wait till Jillian kicks your butt, talk about tiring!!!

MELMALONE Posts: 634
4/8/09 3:04 P

Two good days...guess that's my streak. I woke up this morning thinking, "This is starting to be real work..." And by real work I mean, hard work. Hard work that I don't feel like doing today.

I'm exhausted today. I still have the headache I went to bed with, and all I want to do is sleep. I increased my cardio workout to double what I was doing last week. I'm pretty sure that's why I'm feeling so fatigued; overworked and not eating enough.

My calories changed when I increased the cardio. My high end is now 1880...just seems like so much. But if this is the way I'm gonna feel when I'm not eating enough, I either have to tone it down on the workouts or just eat the damn calories! I wanted to start working out and eating better not only to lose weight, but to have more energy. I DO NOT have more energy most days. I'm not sure what has to happen for the energy to magically appear. emoticon

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4/8/09 10:01 A

Hi Mel,
So glad your neck is improving. It's sunny here in Ohio today too! Yesterday was crap and cold and gloom but I woke up to sunshine today and it will be 50 degrees! So excited for some warm stuff:) emoticon Hope you have a wonderful and healthy day emoticon

MELMALONE Posts: 634
4/7/09 5:13 P

P.S. Four loads of laundry and counting today, woohoo!

MELMALONE Posts: 634
4/7/09 5:12 P

Oh, you guys knock it off with my awesomeness of having 6 kids and homeschooling! We all have stuff that keeps us busy....your stuff is just as important and time consuming as mine is. You guys work all damn day...away from home! At least I'm here so if I have a few minutes I can change that load of laundry or do a few dishes. My hat goes off to women that work outside the home and still have a home! I can't imagine having to come home after being away all day and make dinner, plan meals, grocery shop, house work, take care of kids, work, that's some serious dedication.

Today is a good day...two in a row for me! I'm staying within calorie ranges and getting in great cardio. My neck seems to be on the mend. At the very least, it doesn't feel like someone is shoving a knife down the middle of my back every time I turn my, yeah, progress.

The weather is finally getting warmer. Sunny days always help my mood, and they remind me summer is coming. Gets me motivated to do more so I won't scare anyone in my bathing suit this season (hopefully).

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4/7/09 10:19 A

Hi Melanie. Thank you for the flowers! Those kind will last forever emoticon

And OH MY GOSH! You home school 6 kids and still have time to breath?! Holy cow! We should bow down to you just for finding time to work out! My housework suffers too. But I figure if my husband isn't going to help out around the house very much then neither am I! LOL! Let it be a mess:)

It's super tough to be patient waiting for the pounds to drop off each week. Sometimes I find it helpful to focus on something else while I'm "waiting." Like fitness or dietary goals. I play a game with myself and try to burn higher and higher calories in the same amount of time on my treadmill. Or I track nutrients like calcium and iron on my food tracker and I try to squeeze in my daily amounts without going over calories.

Hopefully your neck is 100% by the weekend!

ANDREA101010 Posts: 312
4/6/09 5:37 P

Hi Melanie,
I am sorry to hear that your neck is still bugging you, but good job that you are still working out, that's committment!!!!
I wish it came off as quick as it comes on. I can put 5 lbs on in a week but it takes a month to get it off, so not fair.
I hear you about the house suffering. I have been going to the gym so much, my house is a mess. I incorporate workouts into laundry by doing squats as I bend down to pick up clothes. Hey anything helps.
You are such a hero to me. I can't believe you have 6 girls and you homeschool. My only sanity is the kids going off to school.
Good luck with your neck, happy workout!!!

MELMALONE Posts: 634
4/6/09 4:27 P

Welp, my neck is not great. I got adjusted this morning, and I was hoping it would be the cure all, but it was still pretty sore. I'll go again on Wednesday or Thursday, and hopefully that will be the end of it for a while.

I weighed in today. I lost a pound. I am NOT a patient woman, ask my husband. When I make a decision about something, I want it done now. I HATE waiting! I know a pound a week is average. And I know losing slowly is best. But the weeks go so slowly...and the pounds and the inches just don't come off fast enough for me. So frustrating.

I keep trying to envision myself in 2 months...2 months is not that far into the future, and if I continue this pace (even at a pound a week), I could be under 175 pounds. I haven't been under 175 since my 3rd pregnancy (and then only because I couldn't hold anything down). It's not my goal weight, but when I reach 175, I've promised myself a new pair of cross training shoes and a few new clothes. I cannot WAIT to get there.

I know spending this time on myself is a good thing...but my house is suffering. My laundry room looks like a clothes bomb exploded in there- it's not good. The free time I had available to me I'm now using to work out, and housework has gone by the wayside. There's so little time with homeschooling, meals, working out...ugh. Things should improve in May...we'll be done with school around the 2nd week, which will free up my I can wash some socks....ack...don't get my going on the sock situation.

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4/6/09 11:31 A

LOL Melanie! We DO have Dairy Queen and I love it just as much as McDonald's ice cream! emoticon And yes we all have our struggles. And it's nice to come here to vent them instead of going to closet to EAT them! emoticon

How is your neck today? Any better? I really hate when I can't work out like I want to also. I have asthma and sometimes even after using my inhaler I have trouble breathing when working out. My body wants to go but it can't because if it does I can't breath. It's a very weird feeling.

Hope you are feeling better today!

MELMALONE Posts: 634
4/3/09 3:41 P

My neck was so sore this morning, I could barely move it from side to side...I look like Frankenstein walking around. I managed 41 minutes on my eliptical, but my pace was slow. At any rate...I did something.

I HATE it when I can't work out like I want. I love my strength training days, especially. But, not even ibuprofen is helping today. My chiropractor doesn't work on Fridays or the weekend (nice, jerky) if I'm still discombobulated on Monday, I'll go in then to have it adjusted.

On a happy note...Jeff (my husband) scheduled a surprise massage for me tonight! A full hour of heaven! He must really be jonesin' for some lovin'....but it was pretty cool that he booked it without telling me. Gonna come home tonight, make myself a mojito and RELAX....might even feel good enough to give the hubby his, after 2 mojitos :).

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DEBESTA Posts: 771
4/3/09 12:22 P

Hi Mel! sorry to hear you're sore too. My left knee is rebelling big time. It's probably either the push ups or arthritis. (It's been rainy here) Either way - ouch! emoticon
I ordered a spark video. Not sure whats on it. It'll be here next week.

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4/3/09 10:24 A

Hi Melanie. I have that strip tease work out DVD too! I know what you mean about the head rolls. And funny enough I've got a stiff neck the past couple days too! I seem to get it every few months or so and it drives me nuts. I have to be careful with work outs for a few days. I've found though that ibuprofen and a heating pad can do wonders in a short amount of time! Great job staying on track through it all!

ANDREA101010 Posts: 312
4/3/09 7:35 A

Awesome job, Mel!!! That DVD sounds so fun!! I am glad you are feeling confident and proud. Keep it up, we are all in this marathon together!!!

MELMALONE Posts: 634
4/2/09 5:29 P

I've owned Carmen Electra's Striptease Aerobics DVD for was my first day actually working out with it. So fun! At first, I just did it watching the screen (with my bedroom doors closed, blinds shut!!)...then I decided to do it in the mirror...uh, yeah, not ready for the mirror (or my husband). I am much sexier in my mind than I am in my saggy workout shorts and sports bra. But it was a nice change of pace from my regular cardio, the eliptical.

My neck is all out of whack, so I was limited when it came to the head rolls (lots of head rolling, go figure). Seems like when I get rolling on any kind of exercise program, my neck or upper back decide to rebel. I'm not going to let it stop me. Even if all I can do is my eliptical machine for a while, that's what I'm gonna do. In the past, I might have given up all together due to pain or inconvenience, but I am determined to lose this fat.

Not many things more motivating than watching yourself do stripper moves while your belly is hanging over your shorts, ack! I just need to remind myself daily (hourly, by the minute) that this is a marathon, not a sprint...took me 10 years and 6 babies to acquire this body...gonna take me a while to make it fine.

Gonna go baby the rug burns on my elbows....(LOL!)...don't ask.

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MELMALONE Posts: 634
4/2/09 3:00 P

I woke up this morning with a stiff neck/ back and a sharp pain in my achilles. Crumb. Calf raises and tricep work on my Swiss ball are to blame, I'm sure. I'm not exactly sure if I SHOULD work through injuries...but, I'm gonna! I took some ibuprofen and I'm getting on my eliptical as soon as I get a couple girls down for naps.

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4/2/09 10:13 A

PS-Holy cow! Six girls!

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4/2/09 10:11 A

I found your journal! Melanie it sounds like you are doing great! And I'm glad I motivated you to take some before pics. Honestly, I took mine never expecting to ever look at them. I even hid them on the computer so my husband would not see them! I almost cried though when I took the second set of pics and saw the difference. I hadn't noticed it in "real life." It was a huge wake up call and motivator. Another big motivator is "talking" to my journal almost every day. And sometimes I go back and re-read it to either motivate myself or to see what happened last week that I didn't lose anything. Be patient and it will all happen!

MELMALONE Posts: 634
4/1/09 4:53 P

I can't wait to see some results! I've seen about half an inch loss on my upper torso, but I really want to see some shrinkage on my upper thighs and hips! Inner thighs rubbing together gross me out, bleh.

Thanks so much for your replies here...I love coming back to Spark and meeting people. Hopefully I will get some time today to put up some pictures of me. When I visit people's spark pages, it's always nice to see actual faces! And I have but one pic taken almost a year ago on mine.

BTW...feeling GREAT today. Got in a nice long workout making up for yesterday.

Deb- I don't scare so easily! Just haven't had time in the past few days to hang out here. Thanks for the goodie!!

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ANDREA101010 Posts: 312
4/1/09 10:05 A

Hi Mel,
The journey is hard but it is worth it when you not only start to see a difference in your body but more importantly start to see the difference within yourself. You are strong, you can do this. Write in this journal everyday. Say what you are proud of, all your tiny or huge accomplishments, vent your anger here so you don't keep it in and over eat. Most of all be proud!!! (6 kids OMG, I thought having 3 was bad, I could not do 6!!!)

DEBESTA Posts: 771
4/1/09 9:35 A

Well Mel - I seem to have a knack for scaring people away. Whenever I post on a message board it seems to become the kiss of death. On the other hand - when ever I give a Sparkgoodie it seems to open a floodgate of goodies - For Them. You shouldn't give up! To that end I have sent you a Goodie. May your Journey only have Hills until you realize you can conquer Mountains!

DEBESTA Posts: 771
3/30/09 6:47 P

Congratulations on beginning your journey! I use my meal plan guide to plan meals for my family. Whether they like it or not - they are on the program too! I haven't found a way to force the exercise on them but.... if I ever complete the hundred - maybe I'll be more convincing. (HAHA) Good Luck & Best Wishes!!

MELMALONE Posts: 634
3/30/09 6:01 P

You know, trying to lose weight, exercise, eat better...those are some pretty big goals. I've come to realize I need some accountability and support if I'm going to be successful. I track my calories and my fitness here at Spark, but I always find myself searching the message boards, blogs, etc. for people like me! People that have similar lifestyles, goals, the same struggles that I have.

Today has been a hard day. And I need some encouraging. I don't get encouragement from my husband. He thinks counting calories is pure silliness. He likes that I'm working out, but he doesn't have to watch what he eats...his metabolism is on fire! Mine, after 6 babies is a dim flame. I need some spark, I tell ya!

So, if there's anyone out that has a few minutes to light a fire under my butt, it would be greatly appreciated. :)

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