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Have you tried comparing the two calorie ranges it gives you for lightly active and active to see how different they are? Have you been making progress using the calorie range your program currently gives?

There's not going to be an easy way to know for sure how to classify your activity level. I would say based on your steps that you are active, but that's just an estimate. You might find that the upper end of the "lightly active" calorie range and the lower end of the "active" range overlap, so you could try staying somewhere around there and find success.

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I'm trying to figure out what to set my activity level to.

I work 40 hours/week at an assembly plant. I do stock and light assembly. Due to stocking, I clock in at least 10 000 steps at work, it also involves lifting heavy (30 lbs) crates with parts. My co worker calculated I lifted at least 800 crates today. When I'm not stocking, I'm standing doing light assembly or walking to gather things; paperwork, light parts, etc.

I'm also a mom and when I get home, I workout and then spend the next 3-4 hours cleaning, making lunches, dinner, taking care of my children, etc. I get home at 3pm and usually don't sit down much until around 7-8pm. On Saturday, Sunday I do a lot more resting but I'm still pretty busy doing chores/errands and taking care of my kids.

I'm 31 and 5'2, 120 lbs. Approximately how many calories would I burn through my activity (not including exercise)?

Oops, sorry. I forgot that Sparkpeople has the options; sedentary, lightly active and active. I think for sedentary it says I burn 1590 cals/day, lightly active is 1830 cals and I'm not exactly sure but I think active adds another 150 cals, which would be around 1980 cals?

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