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7/19/13 8:29 A

Thank you very much Jen emoticon Fixed.

SPARK_COACH_JEN Posts: 59,752
7/19/13 7:22 A

It's because there's a problem with the stats you entered when you set up your program. If you look down the left side of your Start page at your weight loss goal, click the red CHANGE GOAL link. At the top you'll see the place to enter your weight and height. Right now it says you weigh 70 pounds, which is why your calories burned number is so low. If you change those stats to metric, then that should fix the problem.

Hope that helps,

Coach Jen

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JUSTDI50 SparkPoints: (4,771)
Fitness Minutes: (3,155)
Posts: 42
7/19/13 6:35 A

Hello everybody. I am very new in this forum, so little bit confused about tracking my Fittnes. I went for a walk yesterday and in 80 mins did 7 km. When I put it in my fit tracker, it tells I burned 133 kcal. Not sure its right. Maybe somebody explain what is going on? Thank you:)

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