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1/12/14 8:40 P

Thanks! I have been doing planks this week not realizing how much they helped my core!

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1/6/14 8:38 P

I recently finished the Hip Hop workout series and it really toned my core. There weren't any crunches involved either!

In love, happiness, and fitness!

~Darcel :)
SPARK_COACH_JEN Posts: 60,339
1/6/14 8:04 P

Hi Steph

There are a lot of other core exercises that are more effective than crunches. Planks are probably one of the most effective. Here's a blog about them you might find helpful:

Coach Jen

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MOM2_4REDHEADS SparkPoints: (201)
Fitness Minutes: (115)
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1/6/14 6:17 P

Hi! I just started back exercising today! Yay me! And find that the with all the extra weight I am carrying the normal crunch styled move is very difficult. I was wondering if anyone knew of a friendlier way to tone my core until the belly shrinks some. emoticon Or do I just keep at it feeling like I am not 'crunching' all the way? emoticon


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