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5/25/13 9:20 A

Toro zero turn.

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5/25/13 9:19 A

When we bought the house we're in, the sellers asked us if we wanted to buy their ride-on mower, and we did. Sears Craftsman. Not sure how long they had it, but it lasted us for 10 years with only a few issues here & there. We have about an acre of lawn, with some moderately steep hills.

Anyway, the Craftsman died last fall, so DH was just out shopping for another ride-on over the past couple of months. He looked at Craftsman again, but ultimately decided the quality had gone down. Ended up buying a John Deere, but he went to a dealer, instead of Lowes. He paid more of course, but he figured he'd get better service from a dealer and the models the dealers carry seem to be a slightly higher quality than the chain stores. He uses the ride-on A LOT, also to pick up leaves in the fall.

On the subject of hilly areas and ditches, you need to be very cautious since ride-ons can slip and/or roll over. You'll want to make sure the tires are good, and there are also wheel weights and other modifications that you may want to consider depending on your hills. Also, if that area is so steep that you have concern, you might want to just consider tilling it over and putting in some ground cover (such as ivy, wildflowers, etc), or maybe mulch with some shrubs. Just a thought.

Congrats again on the new home--hope you are enjoying it and continue for many years to come!


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5/24/13 8:43 P

Lowes has just what you need, a john deer emoticon

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5/24/13 6:50 P


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5/24/13 6:34 P

This is an unusual post on a health, diet & exercise site!?!

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5/24/13 4:31 P

I am just curious about riding lawn mowers.. our new home is half an acre and huge.. last yard it only took us 5min to mow.. having this huge yard I sooo underestimated it.. It takes three of us to mow this thing LOL

I am wanting to buy a riding lawn mower, and with the different brands and sizes.. I need to make sure I get the right one..

We do have to mow a hill and its from the busy street, into a ditchy area .... I need something that will be good on hills as well.. any suggestions, advice or help is appreciated :-))

It takes us now 3 lawn mowers and three tanks of the gas just to get ours mowed now by hand.. great exercise, but the hill to the street is really bad..
There are different kinds of riding and tractor kinds and I need something that will last and also mow brush as well

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