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AM Weight Gain??

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2/18/13 1:57 P

That's actually a very tiny difference-- the difference between 9 oz and 17 oz is less than three one-thousandths of your total weight. Household scales aren't that accurate; you can get a difference like that for no reason at all. It's like trying to measure the area of your yard with a ruler and being 5 milimeters off, or counting out a hundred dollars in pennies and being 3 pennies off. Your two weights are pretty much as close as you can get with the tool you have. It's nothing to worry about; maybe you stood on it at a slightly different angle or put the board down on a wobbly floor tile. It's not a big enough difference to worry about.

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2/18/13 10:07 A

Not sure at all how that could happen but I think the most important thing is that is all you have to worry about after 9 days on vacation! That's awesome! emoticon

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2/18/13 10:04 A

This morning I woke up to weigh myself for the first time in 9 days (I was out of town without a scale). I made it a point to weigh at the same time I normally would and I had only gained 9oz. But then my Wii remote batteries died so I had to turn it off using the tower. I decided to go back to bed for a couple hours then worry about the batteries. Well, my early morning results didn't save and I had to weigh again. After using the bathroom and without eating anything I gained 1.1lbs!!

It may be a dumb question but how can I gain that much in a couple hours without eating or drinking anything? Granted I wasn't exercising during that time but it just seems like a big weight shift in such a short time.
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I do have to say I'm pretty proud of myself though. If that's all I gained after 9 days in Disney World with my family I'm okay with it!

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