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Pasta isn't really a great fill you up food. You need something with more protein to actually feel full. If I do pasta I try to do it as a side with something else like chicken. It's very easy for me to overeat pasta and a normal serving size is a lot smaller than you would think.

Soup is a great idea for the buffet though, along with the salad. Load it up with all kinds of veggies. I like to add chickpeas and other things I don't normally have for a salad at home.

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1/7/13 6:55 P

I like the ideas guys, thanks - I thought maybe the pasta was a good idea? Tomato based sauce (not mascapone too) with veggies - you can have what ever to order so as long as I ask for a small portion - it should fill me up too?

Soup is a brill idea - I love soup, one of my favourite things to eat/drink haha :)

They have tepanyaki too does anyone know if it usually uses a lot of oil?

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1/7/13 6:37 P

What I do at Buffets

One plate of salad, easy on the dressing
One bowl of broth based soup
One plate of food, lots of veggies and one or two things I really want
One yummy desert, some marshmallows and then fruit

This way I get to go back a lot and all my brain knows is I am eating four plates of food. It doesn't realize that I am not getting a lot of the food I used too.

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1/7/13 6:25 P

The salad is a great idea. Be careful with the vegetables as they are often prepared with oils or butter. Fish chicken and beef if they are roasted or baked. I would enjoy a small dessert so I won't feel deprived but that's just me.

The most dangerous thing you mentioned was "getting your money's worth". Try eating less a fewdays before so that the calories average out for the week.

Enjoy you meal and your time with your bf. And good luck.

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Hey, it's my boyfriends birthday on the 10th, and for his birthday we WERE going to go to Nandos (portugese chicken) - however we can't book a table on a saturday (stupid I know). So to please all the guests we are now going to PeachyKeens which is an all you can eat buffet with pretty much EVERY cuisine know to man.

Italian, American, British, Chinese, Japanese, Thai, Indian, Portugese, Mexican.
They make stuff to order too like breads, pasta, pizza, chicken etc.

They do lots of salad, and I am determined to fill my plate half full with salad - no dressings, and I know they have fruits for dessert too.

HOWEVER, what else shall I fill the rest of my plate with? It's £13.95 pp so I want to get my money's worth without the fat - what would you suggest me to put on the other half of my plate? What should I AVOID?


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