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6/4/13 2:32 P

We don't usually include dessert on a daily or weekly basis. However, last night one of us baked a delicious strawberry pie. She made her own crust, covered it with a thin layer of low fat cream cheese to keep it from getting soggy, stood up whole strawberries and added a glaze. It was absolutely beautiful and delicious. We all had a small piece and enjoyed it so much. At work, I am finding the phrase "no thank you" more and more empowering every time I use it.


6/4/13 6:24 A

I make our desserts from scratch and they are divine. I'd much rather do the work and get the payoff in yumminess than waste my calories on junk.

LDHAWKE SparkPoints: (19,069)
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6/4/13 6:17 A

I agree about the cakes. We often have cake at work to celebrate, well, just about anything! I rarely indulge. The only time I do indulge is if someone makes something homemade.

TWININGS12 SparkPoints: (17,330)
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6/4/13 6:15 A

I stay away from processed foods - Fruit is my desserts emoticon

6/4/13 12:30 A

Eating a little bit of well crafted deliciousness once in a long while is more satisfying than prefab empty calories more often.

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6/4/13 12:08 A

I make a lot of my own stuff too. I just made a Tandy Cake for a work potluck - it was way better than anything from a store.

I do cheat and use box mixes for things.... especially Angel Food . I hate making an angel food cake from scratch! Plus mine never turns out right

KRISTEN_SAYS SparkPoints: (80,975)
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6/3/13 9:08 P

Store-bought cakes are usually awful. I always do homemade for my birthday! This past year I did chocolate cheesecake cupcakes - total calorie bomb, but so delicious. If I'm going to overindulge on something sweet, it has to be damn good!

LOVE4KITTIES Posts: 4,690
6/3/13 5:44 P

You are absolutely, 100%, right. Those store-bought deserts are disgusting. The cakes are especially disgusting. I won't eat them and I don't even pretend to eat them. I just say "no thanks." I figure, if I'm going to spend the calories and indulge in a treat that it had better be something that I really enjoy. Otherwise, I figure I may as well just get out the Crisco and eat some spoonfuls of it along with some spoonfuls of sugar because I'd like that just as much as a store-bought cake.

My family has gotten store-bought cakes, for years, for birthdays and the like, but I'm slowly converting them away from the dark side. I always offer to make something for them. Usually, they accept. It's more work for me, but, in the end, it's worth it. I do have one sister who actually prefers the store bought cakes and deserts. It's beyond my understanding, LOL. She and her husband are always trying to bring a sheet cake from Costco to everything. At Christmas, she brought Costco deserts even though I'd made homemade pies and a homemade cake. Then, she kept insisting that I *HAD* to try the Costco deserts, that they were "THE BEST."

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6/3/13 5:16 P

Oh, I think I know what you're talking about! I've always loved frosting-to me, most cakes are just a vessel for the frosting! :) And since going gluten-free, nowadays if I'm at a special event like one that you mentioned, I'll do the same as you-eat carefully so I can indulge & have a piece of "frosting." The last couple of birthday cakes I've had I never finished for the same reason you state-grocery store chains using some kind of shortening/oil based frosting that they are passing off as "butter cream" which it definitely is not! Or the kind that is cool-whip type based frosting-they all have a distinct artificial taste to them. I'd rather have none at all,which I know is better, but I also think it's ok to indulge once in a while. So I'll save it for my homemade stuff too! Or go to one of the local bakeries that I know has the real stuff.

CMCOLE Posts: 2,667
6/2/13 7:19 A

I would suggest many of the 'chain' types of desserts (cakes, for instance) are:

1. made from mixes
2. made for looks, not necessarily for taste
3. not worth the calories, because they are not (as you found out) enjoyable/satisfying

RUSSELL_40 Posts: 16,826
6/1/13 10:48 P

The only reason to be eating one of these dessert is if you think of them as a daily indulgence.

We need to stop and remember that cake, ice cream etc. are meant to be for special occasions.. 1-2 times a year. If you eat them at that rate, just go ahead and have the original.

We can have dessert every day, but most of us don't realize what nature provided as dessert.. it is fruit. Delicious, and sugary sweet. Have an apple, and save the cake for your birthday.

AKALEI349 Posts: 113
6/1/13 10:19 P

I prefer home-baked as well. Its so much tastier.

LADYSTARWIND SparkPoints: (82,417)
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6/1/13 8:33 P

I''m with your first suggestion---home baked!

I have had Costco Carrot cake that was pretty good though...they use real cream cheese frosting on that version! But then, that's one of my favorites anyway..... And the frozen Baskin/Robbins Ice Cream cakes are something I'd consider again.

Mostly, I'm just learning to politely skip the cakes. I really don't miss it much!

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BROADBRUSH Posts: 1,806
6/1/13 7:48 P

can you stand to eat any of these gross FRANKENDESSERTS!!!???
i have attended three functions in the past 6 weeks and to say the highlight of the foods was disappointing is an UNDERSTATEMENT.
the first was a baby shower - i noshed on veggies and water keeping myself free to have a lovely pce of the cake and a cup of coffee. the cake was adorable - a baby carriage - BUT THAT IS WHERE it ends - the cake was dry, there was a thin film of 'something' in the middle to keep the layers together and the NUTRIWHIP edible oil product with all the artificial coloring was absolutely horrible. i was not the only one - most pces went into the garbage after everyone tasted a fork full of it.
the second was a retirement - it was a COSTCO creation - also just as appalling and tasteless - and the artifical colorants were bitter on top of it. most of this cake went into the garbage untouched. guests were asked if they wanted to 'take some home' and all declined.
last week - a birthday party - and the cake was from another big supermarket chain - i have no idea how to describe it cause the taste was totally foreign -
the cost of these cakes are not cheap - and they are wasted -
it would be so simple for some one to take an old fashioned pound cake recipe and make a delicious tasting cake where there would not be one crumb left.
i have even taken a short cut - using a betty crocker mix but making my own home made butter creme icing - and it disappears in a minute and no one every turns down 'take homes'.
if you have to buy something - go to a real bakery , purchase a real cake or pie - IT IS WELL WORTH IT AND IT TASTES DELICIOUS.

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