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Posts: 1,000
6/29/10 1:27 P

How about a fruit salad? All that's involved is picking the fruit from the store, washing and chopping, and putting it in a bowl. Just get some delicious looking fresh fruit (you could even get berries from the local farmer's market and do a berry salad) - easy, quick, and hard to mess up. If you're going to cut up apples, put a little lemon juice on them to keep them from going brown.

If you want a little more direction on a fruit salad, check out this section of allrecipes:

PS - try to relax a little! No one's going to judge you as a person on how well you make a plate of food for an event (I never have, and I am pretty sure I don't know anyone else who has either)- they will be talking with you and getting to know you - and learning why your boyfriend already knows you're so awesome and such a great catch!

Posts: 2,030
6/29/10 1:04 P

i've found that "" has a lot of good and easy ideas. you can probably find a bean salad or a 7 layer dip that's easy and yummy! good luck at the reunion! emoticon

Posts: 131
6/29/10 12:48 P

if you go under healthy lifestyle at the top of the page and go into spark recipe you can choose types of food and I am pretty sure one of them is picnic food, you could try that and then you would know it was something you could eat, because it would be good for you.

Posts: 92
6/29/10 12:30 P

I just started dating this guy about 6 months ago and although I know his mom and dad (mom loves me, dad hates me) I will be meeting everyone this weekend for a family reunion. It's going to be held at a park and I'm trying to think of something to bring. I'm a horrible cook and although I don't mind feeding my cooking to my boyfriend I don't want to kill off his parents and family LOL. I was thinking of something simple and easy like a 7 layered bean salad or something that looks pretty. IDK I need ideas, preferably recipes, and if you know one for a 7 bean layered salad or taco layered salad that would be awesome. I don't want to show up with a 3rd potato salad kinda thing. Meeting the family is bad enough, let alone being judged on the food. I would say HELP but at this point I think I'm beyond that!!

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